85 Mustang Gt Vs. Camaro Iroc-z Vs. Trans Am


85 Mustang Gt vs. Camaro Iroc-Z vs. Trans Am

85 mustang gt, Motorweek is made possible by of tire rack. You know about this time. Every year a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of cars. Of course, so we thought we’d look in at three over the hill teenagers engaged in their favorite pastime, arguing about their cars hi. What do you have? Yeah, burger fries and a coke, and my Mustang GT like that Trans Am for lunch. Oh yeah! Isn’T that Mustang and fo Rd hasn’t found on rude ed, hey, that’s! First, on race day what a crock this new! I Rock Camaro blow you both into the weeds bull talk. Let me show you what’s under the hood of this Pontiac.

1985 Ford Mustang | My Classic Garage

This is your basic high output 305 cubic inch 190 horsepower big four-barrel screamer. It’S made it to a 5-speed manual. That’S five gears! No waiting. You may also feast your eyes on 16 inch wheels with two 45 50 v r-rated Goodyear Gator backs huge sway, bars and four-wheel disc brakes to stop this 3,300 60 pound 10. Indian hey. My Mustang has Gator backs to 225 60s mounted on 15 inch. Rims anti-sway bars the size of sewer pipes, not to mention disc brakes up front, so don’t mention them.

Of course. Under the hood hot rodder, heaven, the 5-speed manual transmission gets its power from FOMO COEs 302 cubic inch 210 horsepower motor with all the goodies tube headers high, lift roller cam and a four-barrel Holley big enough to inhale Cleveland all in a white 30 180 pound package. Carburetors merely carburetors, hey it’s the 80s. Haven’T you guys ever heard of fuel injection. This is five liters of tuned port injected small-block Chevy that punches out 215 horsepower, and it’s made it to the slickest 4-speed automatic Surf City has ever seen and if you want to go fast in the corners I’d rather eat walkers in right in the Chevy. Like I said, if you want to go fast in the corners, my eye Rock also sports, 4550 VR, 16 Gator backs and four-wheel disc brakes, Plus largely anti-sway bars in a lower center of gravity than the standard z28. In short, a 3500 80-pound slot car there’s only one place to settle this, the racetrack, so it’s the 190 horsepower five-speed Firebird Trans Am the 210 horsepower five-speed Mustang GT and the 215 horsepower four-speed automatic, Camaro iroc-z off to the first stop of our muscle car matchup.

At Monrovia, Maryland 7580 drag away where the first two cars to face off we’re General Motors finest, the I Roxy and the Trans Am now off the line. The few Lehigh rock with better bottom end, torque and traction takes the Trans Am but by mid track. The freer revving Trans Am edges up and past the hi Roxy takes the light with a quarter-mile time of fourteen point, seven seconds at 89 miles per hour, one tenth of a second quicker than Chevy’s best and full of confidence. The old Trans Am now must take on dearborne’s damndest down, though the lights and look out, because the lightweight Mustang GT, with excellent Eagle, Gator back traction, beats the tin Indian at its own game, the Mustang stampedes out of the gate and pulls away by mid track At the finish, it’s forged pony car by four car lengths to a tune of fourteen point three seconds at 92 miles per hour. So when the tyre smoke cleared, the two fastest cars had carburetors merely carburetors the first on race day. Mustang was first followed by the Trans, Am which in turn neatly edged out the Camaro iroc-z, but since all bad things take a turn for the better. Our three bad machines take off for the twisting turns and high banks of Pennsylvania’s Pocono International race wire okay.

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So this is a dead man’s curve, but we did set up a special two mile course using both high bank and the long straights of the tri-oval and a very tight infield Road course. Well, we thought we’d limber up first with matched high-speed straightaway runs between the high banks. Here again, the Mustang ran away with a scorching 127 miles per hour. Next fastest was the Chevy I rock held back only by its automatic and driver fear to the tune of 123 miles per hour. The less powerful Trans Am almost matched the iroc-z thanks to a slippery body and manual transmission. Top speed was 122 absolute top speed for all these cars is over 130 there. It was on to the handling course.

First up the Mustang, looking like the late Steve McQueen’s own Bullitt machine on a busy day, it’s powerful motor light, rear end and slightly dated chassis, produced plenty of Ronal induced oversteer, yet helped by the coney gas struts and shots and warble rate Springs. The Mustang thunders around the high banks and straights and slugs it out on the tight, turns to produce a very fast average lap speed of 70 3.5 miles per hour. It may be all over the track, but it is fast. Next up is our Indian uprising from Pontiac, so look out Mustang the huge Gator backs and more sophisticated chassis make this one running gray, even without the latest in gas shocks, this year’s, larger stabilizer bars meant handling, was stable and neutral in tight turns with no unnecessary Dramatics, this Trans Am goes where it’s pointed and as it charged past the timers it corralled the Mustangs time two-tenths of a second quicker with an average speed of 70 3.7. But at this point, Chevrolet had a surprise of its own with more weight and an automatic transmission.

The iroc-z should have had a disadvantage here, but it politely dusted off. Both the Mustang and Trans Am with its Mustang. Like bottom end, power curb and a more finely tuned chassis than the Trans Am the IROC was fast and mean with no fuss, no muss and a super stiff front end and Bilstein gas shocks at the rear. The iroc-z corners hard brakes quickly and really hauls the mail and, as the chevy contingent cheered, the iroc-z ran an incredible nine tenths of a second quicker than the Trans Am and over one full second, faster than the Mustang. With an average lap speed of 70 4.4 miles per hour, so what did this prove? Well, that cars are like beer, it’s all a matter of taste without a doubt, the Mustang is the fastest in acceleration and top in. Besides that it has the lowest base price.

At ten thousand two hundred twenty-four dollars, but it can be a real challenge in the turns. On the other hand, the iroc-z is a lot like its big Chevy brother, the Corvette fast and sophisticated, but also more expensive, base price. Twelve thousand six hundred thirty five dollars between the two comes a surprising compromise. Pontiacs Firebird Trans Am fast almost like the Mustang yet sophisticated in handling all hi Roxy. It’S also priced between the others at eleven thousand nine hundred eighty-three. So I guess we’re still not sure who builds the ultimate factory muscle car. It’S an argument.

That’S been going on now for over 20 years and like the notion of eternal youth, we hope it’s a debate that never ends you.

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