82 Mustang Gt Ho Gt Restoration


82 Mustang Gt HO GT Restoration

82 mustang gt, Hey this beautiful cool car is not tires in another episode of restoration. This time on the 1982 Mustang 5.0 GT. This project came in at just under six hundred twenty five hours of labor customer trying to do the work himself and he was way over his head. He drop it off on a flatbed and I started to look at it as obvious that there was expensive amount of rock. I mean giving apartment was a complete mess and I found out that I painted five times Sonia look at the fender. You can see the five coats of paint there.

1982 Mustang GT by Michael Nyberg

Nothing was whined right. Even after steam cleaning the engine compartment was a complete mess, so we had to start with the engine rebuild customer wanted to maintain the originality of the 5.0. So we kept a lot of the original parts, but the obvious the bearings and everything has to go. Esra, baked ham, bearings were completely shot, even the main bearings were just worn, show everybody eighty five thousand miles or had on it, but with some handiwork from gina performance on the crank, some new pirates, cleaning, everything up, block, machined and hone we’re ready to interest baby. Put together new mitches timing, chain rule or time in chain kept the original manifold. We want to keep the original two-barrel carburetor, but we did some other dress-up work just to make it look like did some color coordination with time he wanted to keep the original two-barrel carburetors, so a powder coated that gold may look really nice to some customers on The valve covers even some originality we need to was completed.

It was it’s a gorgeous engine. Even with the black coating on the air cleaner, turning attention to the engine compartment, it was a complete mess that was under coated, painted the undercoating was all over plate them, including pretty much sealed in all the ross traffic at the hot sam last and power blast. For the weights are looking at it, many things have to go of the vehicle, which is a complete mess. We need to go back just basically frame ship. It right down. A surrogate alarm system was useless that had to go, and just slowly took a card assess it what he needed she got. The front suspension was being apart.

Picking out looking underneath the frame run, the refrain members with this all rusted loudmouth manifolds are going to go. We’Re coming to put headers in the table had to pulled off the front suspension check through all that and script it right down and offering a lot of metal had to be replaced after what to do all of these engine compartment and pulling away all the component Reform out over lines and hoses, they were bobbing to it. Some metal that had to be replaced hinges were welded on wrong position. Of course, there’s just some of the rust in the engine compartment that hood. We all cut out clean up grind it down, replace some of the metal. The pain had to be stripped off, along with the other coating that got sprayed up into the engine compartment. Some of the metal just has to be cut out, replace Brittany’s compartment foot box for the driver side, we’ve all rotten through water coming through today, I had to cut out fabricated metal.

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Put that back in there. Maybe look original got it back as soon as possible and filled a lot of the scenes with less protection. Even the battery box, one put some corrosion. We hit the material in there and the mission now is the in department painted, so it’s at least get assemble. The base coat clear coat back to the original metallic red burgundy suspension. Wasn’T terrible shades Wilkin Springs so again, carts were stripped down sandblasted after that’s, prime painted back to the original color of base coat clear coat. All the suspension components are powder coated that cast grade tried to put the front end together: powder coated spring spindles, all the parts with high recorded new new bearings bushings, sway bar bushings powder coated.

The again heard the powder coat from Otis punch, pirates powder coated, the gear caliper brake calipers and Scooby, putting into the cutting back together. Here’S a picture of the floor floor was all rotted cracked. There was a piece of metal screwed together over the seat in place. Is falling apart, the underneath with all the rust coating and the power the undercoating on there had to be stripped away and cleaned and fix the floor back to the original as much as possible. So the underneath look, real most of the components, were rusted and rotted right away. This is a bumper support that was completely rotted. The hatch was fixed a few times that was a complete mess.

You can see the quarter panel. That would replace someone did that and did a real poor job again. The five coats of paint and someone did a terrible job with the black out rear end rusted rotted. You can see the undercoating there. It was just a complete mess, though young entire rear suspension was taken apart. All the undercoating was stripped gas tank fuel line gap brake lines all they moved stripped. The back end rebuilt over end, sand, blaster cleaned and painted that back in place, new wheel, cylinders and here’s a fresh coat of on our coat before we put it back together.

Tape is also a mess had to be sandblasted there. We go rear end put back in see the nice pewter powder coating on all the rear, suspension, components. Yellow just add a nice touch to the braking system. Look nice put the engine back in started to get the engine compartment put back together, clean everything up in powder coated, custom-built, dual exhaust. You know the vehicle never came with a dual exhaust, so we built the custom exhaust, hear the engine Hartman starting to come back together, start and do some bodywork again typical Mustang right around the top of the windshield. You can see the opening. It was right now pretty good on both sides.

There was lucky there was enough metal there to follow along welding, a new metal in place, but it was still in really rough shape. Well, a little lot of new metal and fabricated metal and again all the bodywork was done with what this significant portion that I had to be replaced just about had a line to follow to repair that with new metal. Well, once you got it in place, the fixed fill them with lead and look pretty good. Five coats of paint chemical stripped off most of the vehicle then painted the window. Wish you opening to get that in place, starting to work on me, the rest of the frame there’s a little detail on the name, the idid plane, someone replaced a quarter panel, did a really poor job, their customer. They want to put the money in it. So I fixed that here is the chemical strip on the vehicle use both mechanical and chemical, stripping methods, the rear hatch around the roof, completely rotted out.

You can see the rust in the holes that was a complete mess, so the roof was almost separated from the body, but after some welding a lot of legwork right back to noon night. We had that fixed all the doors and Thunder hood set out for acid. Dipping everything came back nice and clean, nothing really bad, except for the driver’s door. The driver’s door had significant rot around the bottom and it was falling apart. So we had to do some work on that had to replace the hatch. The hatch was just not fixable. So getting the body ready for primer, starting to line things up, we’re doing some work on the hood.

Getting that set up to look nice. The hood latch was painted by PI, so I powder-coated that and all the hardware look really nice when that was done. Getting the primer coat on there, starting to line up the kabadi components, fixing the poor alignment. The hatch was from a different year and I had to a weld shut and solder led shut the holes so that the new the spoiler would fit on the new rear. Latch the driver’s door had to fabricate a panel for rule card, or it was just too rusted v, so I cut the door off part and fixed a new panel on there. Here’S all this hearts crying getting ready to be painted. All parts painted inside mount separately body was painted separately.

This is the original 1982 burgundy metallic, which was a beautiful color, beautiful color hood scoop again painted five times had to be stripped down. The fiberglass door handles standing five times, spoiler pain at five times. Everything was painted five times and it was a mess it took forever to strip off all that material inside of the hatch is painted black to match the black interior, and here we go putting the body together trying to get some alignment. All the soft plastic components were soda blasted, so they went to distorted here. You can see the black inside of the hatch engine compartment was starting to come together, priming and painting the soft plastic components, so we can get those on for some client online and start to put the front bumper on Aaron takes on the side. You can see that taking it apart and detailing it looks a lot better. All the molding was painted five times as well, and that would look terrible.

The red stripe through the molding was a different color Saul had to paint the stripe on the front and rear that had to be redone manually. We can see how the stripes opinion ganger on the vehicle side to do that finished. Engine compartment lot of powder-coated arcing. There, which was pretty neat and there’s the finished vehicle ready to go back at a customer, even though it was a two barrel. It was fast. The underneath of the two dual exhaust sounded cool, look cool, Rand, awesome. Very fast.

Customer was really happy with this vehicle and again my name Peter from cara’s of cars ever need any help or advice. Like talk to me, jano performance does all my engine work. I am in Lancaster New York if you’d like to give me a call. Thank you.

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