68 Shelby Mustang Coupe Built To Track


68 Shelby Mustang Coupe Built to Track

68 shelby mustang, Hey guys, so in today’s episode you are going to see my stunt double, Kyle Simon step in. I was unable to be out at the track to shoot with our friend Robert Bistagne and his badass GT350. So enjoy Kyle, enjoy Robert, and enjoy a rip around Willow Springs. Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Kyle, autotopiaLA. Today, we’re out at Willow Springs with our good friend Robert and his badass Mustang. What year is this? It’s a 68 Mustang that’s built to be a replica of a 67 Terlingua Coop bought it wrecked from a kid who hit a brick wall with it. It was destined for a junkyard.

1968 Mustang Shelby GT500-KR - Matt Garrett

So we figured that if we can fix it, we’ll fix it. If we can’t, we’ll throw it away. And this is what we ended up with. Did you come up with the color scheme or was it already yellow like that before? No, it was green. Ugly ugly green. The paint scheme is an original late 60s and 70s race team color scheme from when Shelby was racing. How long did it take for you to build it from when it was all screwed up to what it is now? Think about six or eight months.

-Six or eight months. Nice. -Pretty quick. -Couldn’t wait to get out here and have fun. -Right on. Yeah. Let’s start with the motor, do you wanna pop that? Yeah.

It’s the third motor we’ve had in this car, which has been by far the best and longest-lasting. It’s a Stroke 351 Windsor, Stroke to have 426. So it’s a 426 now. Wow! It puts out about 440 horsepower, 460 pounds of torque to the wheels. -To the wheels right? -To the wheels yep. And the car weighs just under 3,000 pounds 2980. This thing’s a monster.

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It moves pretty good. Nice. So what do you got for exhaust is it a full header, full custom all the way back? The exhaust we’re working on. So if you come back out in a couple of weeks with us, we’ll have it finished. It’s always been a streetcar as well. So we’ve had Mufflers on it. These headers are Shorty’s off of one of our old Motors and it didn’t work too well.

For this event, we just cut the muffler’s off. Next event will have everything finished with long tube headers and straight pipes out the side. So you’re pretty much just muffler delete right now. Header back Muffler delete. This is the first event with no muffler. No mufflers. Do you notice any difference with that? -Huge.

-Huge difference. No backpressure. Huh? No, and I think once we get the long tubes on, it’ll be pretty significant. What times are you running out here right now? I’ve no idea. -Just fast. -Never paid attention. -Fast enough to have fun.

-Fast enough to have fun. Right on. Yeah. What you got going for suspension? Suspension is Heights Coilover rack and pinion front steering which has not been that great for the track. And is it coil overs all the way around or is it leaf springs? -No rear still leaf springs. -Still leaf springs! Yeah, factory leaf springs. And it still handles well, huh? It could be better.

It could be better. Yeah, but if you know how to drive leaf springs work just fine, right? Yeah, they work. Are they still manual brakes? They’re power boosted Wilwood. -Wilwood brakes. -Wildwood, yeah. -Wilwood disc, four-wheel disc. -Nice nice.

-Yeah. -Yeah, that’s awesome. And then what do you have going for wheels? We had American Racing make as set a custom wheels for us just to be period-correct, right? They do kind of have that Cobra-style look too without the knockoffs, you know, and the tires are those square set up or… Tires are square set up. Yep.

We’re running Toyo Street Tires. It is right now just R888. Yeah, they last a little bit longer. Do you drive this on the street? Sometimes. Sometimes. It’s registered and insured under a 67 Mustang, right? Yep, 68 right, 68 designed to look 67. A little loud for the streets but other than the exhaust, it’s pretty much street legal.

And no front license plate but… You don’t need that anyway, and then inside what do you got going on here? Inside, we had Pierced Motorsports do a full cage for us, a couple of Sparco seats so we can take passengers out and have fun. Look at that. Not that hard to get in and out of. Not compared to the other Mustang we were trying to climb into.

And then gauges, you kept stock everything looks pretty… Gauges are stock gauges. Yeah. And then is it a 4-speed still? It’s a Jericho 4-speed. Jericho 4-speed.

Can beat on it all day pretty much. And then what’s all that switches you got going on in the middle? That’s all our power. That’s ignition, power, electric fan, fuel pump, everything close to the driver. Like starting up a fighter jet. It’s cool to see that this would it came from like some kid’s car that he banged it up and then you turn it into a full-on race car. -That’s awesome. -Kept a little life in it.

-Yeah right. -Better than throwing it away. How long have you owned this for? I finished it when I was 23, that’s how we came up with the number. So I’ve had it together running 12 years. And did you paint it because you got the body filled? Yeah nice, you did all the paint. Let’s get on the track. Yeah, let’s go get this out on the track.

Right on. All right, you guys. That was fun. Robert is a really good driver. I felt really consistent and smooth. That was actually my first time out on Big Willow. So that was definitely awesome.

And yeah, this is actually a really cool day. It’s a ton of Shelby Cobra’s out here, a couple of GT40s, it’s a Cobra vent so all the Cobra owners or anybody who’s got a Ford-powered car or anything like that, everybody’s out here racing together. So really awesome day and thanks for hanging and reading and see you guys in the next one. Peace.

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