68 Mustang Gt Fastback Expat Muscle


68 Mustang Gt Fastback Expat Muscle

68 mustang gt, In 2012, I was searching for a car that I could restore. I wasn’t having any luck. A few months went by, and some guy called me. He’d found a 1968 GT Fastback. Excellent condition, original high-octane engine. Matching serial numbers, but I wasn’t sure what that meant. It ran great.

1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS (California Special) for Sale | ClassicCars.com | CC-1039658

In fact… it was the same type of car that Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt. I weighed the offer that night. I battled with the pros and cons, and decided to take the project. My name’s Jacques, and I restored a 1968 Fastback. The car was shipped from Chicago, and delivered to France. That’s how it all began. The restoration took two years.

My family understood it would be time-consuming. I hit the garage twice a week for six hours, starting at 5:30 am. She was a real beauty. I took her out for a drive every now and then. I believe renovators are the artisans of the automobile world. You must manage the project, and work consistently. There are many pieces and lots of tests.

You must fully understand how a car is built. When the clock struck 8:00, I had to change to get back to work. At the garage, I’d take off my shirt, tie, and suit to get down to work. During those two years, Natalie, my wife, was always supportive. She was a real joy and a driving force in this project. I’ve been lucky that this project has truly been a family affair. It’s because of my family’s support that it’s all worked out.

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My son Philippe and I were able to spend a lot of time together, since he’d come to the garage every Saturday morning to give me a hand. I relied on him to make adjustments and decide on the details. We were able to install some suspension brackets. It was a group effort. To read a child’s eyes as he builds a car alongside his father, it’s really extraordinary. After two years of restoration I was finally able to enjoy the car. We take it out joyriding.

It’s a chance to share it with others, to kick up some dust, laugh. When we stop, people like to ask questions and try to guess the model of the car. These exchanges are always heart-warming. It’s surprising to see how passionate people are about the car, how drawn they are to this model. Now that the project is finished, everything’s great. I’m free on the weekends again. I even decided to get married.

Natalie and I decided to use the Mustang on our wedding day. Today the Mustang is up and running. I registered her on the 19th of July, took it out of the garage on the 21st, and drove it to our wedding on the 22nd. On the big day, everyone escorted us as they drove beside us in their own cars, and everything we needed was in the trunk. Who would have thought that we’d be able to salvage it, and we’d be able to drive the Fastback to the wedding. We were able to get married in the car of my childhood dreams.

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