66-77 Ford Bronco History


66-77 Ford Bronco History

66-77 ford bronco history, What is the history of the Ford Bronco? History of the 1966-1977 Ford Bronco. Built as a direct competitor to the International Scout, the original Ford Bronco was initially offered in three cab types: a wagon, a pickup (discontinued after 1972), and an open model with cut-out filler panels instead of doors, to come off something as a big CJ-5.

What is a 66 77 Bronco? Over the years, the 66-77 Ford Bronco has remained an icon in the classic 4wd world and is as popular today as it ever has been. The early Bronco was the brainchild of Ford product manager Donald N Frey and was pushed through into production by Ford legend Lee Iacocca.

66-77 Ford Bronco History

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What year was the first Ford Broncos made? It was a completely new product line for Ford Motor Company and was built entirely on its own platform. The first generation of Ford Broncos was produced from 1966-1977 and featured a small form factor and short wheelbase (92 inches) which made it ideal for off-road use.

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