2021 Tesla Model S Performance Interior Full Review


2021 Tesla Model S Performance Interior Full Review

2021 tesla model s performance interior, This so-called raven upgrade with the new electric motor in the front interior optimizes the suspension and so on. We are going to tell you all about it today.

Today we have the Tesla Mod ss long range plus so the model with the highest range of course meanwhile all with the same battery soon also the plat model with even more power but today you can enjoy the long range plus outside inside and the driving experience together please us in full hd full screen and full length let’s go forward you can see that this tight grille design obviously doesn’t need that much cooling electric vehicle right there sleek and elegant lines don’t mess around too much and here the daytime running lights they ‘i think , you could really get a pretty timeless design here. It still works. What you think is four meters long.

98 16 for three or 196 inches. Midnight silver is the color for today, but we have a few more colors too, but overall their choices are a bit limited, but I think that’s good for the customer too as it doesn’t take much time to configure a Tesla that actually helpful. I think 19 “wheels or 21” wheels are the silver 19 “wheels, and you can alternatively get the 21” in black, but here I think a more elegant size than the silver wheels and if you If you opt for the smaller wheels, it’s also more comfortable when it comes to comfort. The Raven update has brought new air suspension upgrades so that the air suspension is now more comfortable than before.

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We’re going to find out a slimmer limousine-style design sedan here under the door handles and door, then door handles fold them out when necessary and that they are hidden right here. What else do you find beautiful? The rear design is a bit timeless. You can also see that the wing lip is shaped seamlessly here, so to speak, and even with the talents it still looks modern, says Doppelmotor, because we have one engine in front, one in the back, the front engine has been replaced with a more efficient one, that of the Model 3 of was taken over at the back, so that’s why it is now even more efficient and here overall better performance update here with the Raben model, that’s why it is also called Rabe, because this electric motor is called Rabe, which in model 3 as for the performance data here with the long-range Plus model was developed 3,

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3 seconds faster battery, but both the same for Long Range Plus and the performance model 100 kilowatt hours gross or 98 kilowatt hours net. This gives some great range values, especially now with this efficiency boost, and the charging hatches here hold the back of the button and then it opens like that and charging 11.5 kilowatts of AC power or up to 250 kilowatts of DC power on the charger and maximum range of 650 kilometers or 400 miles If you drive slowly or we are testing more highway speeds and then you can get at least another 300 miles or 490 kilometers on dog clothes.Sound is something ok but you know always a little tricky in the doors here with the frameless doors, all leather red are covered,

that I have one and everything feels very good and the build quality has also been improved for the most part constantly. The buttonless steering wheel with just a few controls and a few other details about this 17-inch vertical screen is still very impressive. We will also go into details, since a matt wood is obtained for the styling here with the black interior here in the performance model.It would be carbon fiber, then in the wide interior also carbon fiber for the performance model, but a darker wood than for the non-performance model. If you opt for the beige design here, you will always get both this small and the performance model a lighter matt wood, which is probably the most beautiful solution for me, I would maybe go blue on the outside and then the beige inside with the light wood.

2021 Tesla Model S: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and ...

I mean, everything looks very good inside here in the digital instruments very clear and easy to read everything to speed up the left side, for example what is currently playing music. Lower left path for the area on the right. Then for the energy consumption there you can also see how it plays a role if I drive pretty slowly here and can be super efficient like 12 kilowatt hours and a kilometer or here, if there is more motorway, 23 kilowatt hours and a kilometer, and then there is of course the average, and I can easily say that.

It’s also a cool thing about the mileage system and then you can see about 35 kilowatt hours and 100 miles here again as for the higher highway consumption and also on the right side if I use my right thumb I can go through the last calls I can for example just adjust the temperature or I can adjust the fan speed of the last calls and so on. With this recoil and also with voice control, you activate the steering wheel heating so that it works without complications. Left of the steering wheel for volume, press it to mute or play again for the music tracks and the right side then here to control the instrument, like setting the temperature, which you know when you just start scrolling ,

The gears that you have engaged here next to the steering wheel behind it. We know this Stockholm from Mercedes put it down to drive here for p. It’s really difficult to mount that vertical screen and 16 to 9 camera.

how they are from work and then doing something with voice control, what you want to change, for example, so not as important as you can change the temperature in the lower area, but you prefer to do this on the steering wheel, for example here with the right one Thumb, which is easier, or one more time with voice input This also works quite well. Change the temperature to 24 degrees. So that’s pretty quick and they’re also constantly improving speech functions. Change the temperature to 24 degrees. So that’s pretty quick and they’re also constantly improving speech functions. Change the temperature to 24 degrees. So that’s pretty quick and they’re also constantly improving speech functions.

You can also switch to a simpler map mode, as it is easier to navigate in it.This is only more impressive and here, for example, the nearest chargers or other charging stations really simply show the model here again for the Bluetooth connection, with which you connect your phone via bluetooth, so that ‘it is actually easy and you can access it in the instruments for the last calls too. The only thing you know about how to get the playlist is that you know that it is all of the songs I have on my phone and that it is difficult to choose the playlist correctly, here that’s where that Apple Carplay would definitely have an advantage over this one, I’d like to implement some playlists you know or something that would definitely have been a cooler camera.

You can also manually access the energy consumption here, how that changes, depending on how you drive this is very very interesting here driving more city around with a low average than more high-speed motorway with a higher average and so on, which really depends on the driver’s seat, the heating can also be controlled in the lower area and so many other things that can be shown here.

The rear view camera is also displayed. However, you can also enable them if you just want to do it manually. It has excellent resolution and is like that on the entire screen.

‘s lower console here again made with a nice matte wood and you can slide it open and here you now have the cup holders that you can adjust too, but in my opinion that is a good setup for two large lightbulbs for example and then right behind it The inductive charging pad for your phone There is an alternative. You can also use a 12 volt power adapter. Here are two USB-C chargers, one is occupied for the inductive charging pad, and the armor is right here.

You can slide it open if you have more cup holes, but they’re a bit of a shallow, frameless rearview mirror. I think it could be a little bigger. Then that massive panoramic screen goes around the vehicle but you can’t open it.

Yes, and here and there there is this one button left then for the glove compartment and that is the car key and today we have ourselves in this rubber case, so to speak, that you can have this ring around and attach it to another key, unless you know that you look even nicer here without this rubber pad, but it’s definitely a practical solution too. If you double-click on the front here, you can open the frank. If you double click on the back, you can open the hatch.

Of course, if you hold the back you open the charge panel there. There’s also the Tesla app available so you only need your smartphone to get into the vehicle. However, if you have a signal you can do cool things like change the temperature here in advance and then the car will be cool or hot as you like it when you arrive when you get to the back and it’s a sedan in full size, you are sitting relatively low here too and you can see here that the angle of my legs is not ideal, so the bench could be shaped a little differently than you know that there isn’t too much space here, it’s not the most comfortable ideal However, situation for tall elves in the rear legroom is not a problem, but again I think

It’s almost as comfortable to basically sit, and you know there isn’t a middle tunnel here; it’s very convenient as in this case there are two USB chargers and then some foldout cup holders here too. I’ve added a suffix to the outer parts, and you can easily fold the seats down here.Opening the front works like this, for example, by double-clicking the key here.

Then you can open it and get your charging cables either in the front or in the back, but this is possible, for example, that you know for the normal siege stations where not on the compressor or also with the household plug and so on, but definitely practical, in order to have trunk space 28 cubic feet or 804 liters here this cover, you can also easily remove it. Of course, the standard length here is still one meter 15 and this is now one meter and that is here in width, so very easy to use that You can see here that a cabin car also fits easily vertically and down here. You can either store charging cables here at the back or other things, so much space and also in height that the height here to cover here is about 45 centimeters. It’s even deeper

Welcome to Thomas’ driving knowledge The long range of the Tesla model and putting it in the default acceleration mode so they have a bit more acceleration.We show your acceleration because even this model is not the performance model that already has that much torque and speed, and we will wait until we can safely drive onto the freeway because as soon as I step on that accelerator everyone else will go crazy. Do we do 20 kilometers an hour? Let’s go well, that’s 200 kilometers per hour or 125 miles per hour. Really impressive. Wow, that went so quickly, impressive again of course when you have the performance model in ridiculous mode.

It’s absolutely insane, but this model is already so fast that you don’t need the performance model to do some hard acceleration. This model is way more than enough, and that’s why I usually set it to chill-acceleration mode even here in the non-power model because it’s just too much for your body and you don’t know the sound resonance from the you know you can’t cope with exactly what is happening, you know it’s just that quick and then when you think of the upcoming flat model that is like two like 2.1 or seconds or two seconds and for the miles 200 kilometers or 60 mph this will definitely be out of this world but it was already a strong acceleration and what you’ve heard too, i mean

This is the thing with the raven update we saw earlier that in model x here is a benefit to the model that the model is even quieter at higher speeds due to the architectural style you kind of know model x just taller and that’s a really cool thing, so the raven update has massively improved the noise isolation at high speeds. So far we have always been able to say, yes, you know that Tesla has a great concept and they are doing this well and that better and that better, but the Germans, yes, more suspension comfort, they’re much quieter and high motorway speeds are now taking this bit by bit off before I really said it’s okay to drive long-term and drive Tesla models or x normally 150 kilometers with about 140 kilometers on the freeway, that you know really well without a dead zone here and I mean it ‘It’s not a small vehicle, but it still feels light, the focus is due to the good concept of the battery and the good build platform of this car.

Here, too, the interior quality has been improved bit by bit, and here, too, upgrading the suspension is a lot of fun really nice within the air suspension upgrade difference here to the model 3 definitely here in the models we have the air suspension, which is definitely more comfortable the suspension is for me at the moment the biggest weakness of the model 3 also great vehicle and definitely better value for money I mean this one is much more expensive but here the air suspension brings more comfort and it’s a full size sedan,

Of course you have a very spontaneous driving experience and always know it here with the electric vehicles when you are stationary The traffic lights are not a problem. We know you don’t use any energy. Then don’t worry.

These start-stop features of the cars and the zone you know accelerate out of the corner, even in chill mode. So great, agile, what you just know It’s so much fun to drive this, what a unique driving experience again. Yeah, really, really great.

that you don’t stand too upright as the steering is very, very direct. So watch out for that, and then if we go to a more normal freeway speed then you’re about 140-130 kilometers per hour, or like 90 miles or something. ‘It’s really very calming with good noise insulation and most people all over the world won’t have those German Autobahn speeds and then it’s really, very quiet.

So again this update for the vehicle which is so great to have when I really think about when I drove it speaker for the first time I was as impressed with the car back then as it was in 2012. I think so much has been done now, even though it’s basically the same car and you still know impressively how the bigger one that’s even more refined now bit by bit than proving it and it’s really, very cool to watch how this vehicle is evolving. In the meantime, we really have to say that the advantages of the German premium manufacturers are that they are decreasing more and more, so ‘A difficult thing for the German automotive industry, but again, yes, great noise isolation when accelerating is good now.

The air suspension improves that you really feel more comfortable while not being too soft at the same time, so you can have good lane changes even in higher lanes, speeds that are well done and also easier to drive this car here. Good thing you know we’re comparing it to Model 3. I want to be able to change the temperature just here with my right thumb and steering wheel on the medium model 3.

It is likely that if you knew voice control that would be one thing, but also voice control that they can improve little by little through the software, you’d be even more using it. Got another over-the-air update and then you’ll be fine. That is another thing.

Just you know, before I did this review, some things were updated and you keep thinking, oh that’s exciting So what’s new today, you know, so little by little it comes back. What do you think of our performance driving with the model, even if it is not a performance model, but this model already has a lot of power and what about a normal city that drives this raven update? we’ve seen the performance and we also talked about the efficiency and even more efficiency when driving here in the city.

That you can really get those 400 miles or 650 kilometers, which again is not possible with driving on highways at higher speeds but only when driving at low speed and the good thing about electric vehicles is that it doesn’t matter when you have stop-and-go traffic, because you can always use the rig operation and as long as you do not accelerate strongly, you can achieve really, very good energy consumption figures and really long range even in city traffic, while with internal combustion engine models, city traffic is simply fatal for good consumption, again very interesting. Even in normal traffic, the steering wheel has the good feeling that it is direct.

It’s very precise and easy to steer and in the drive commands you know here you can also specify that the standard comfort camera is a little softer and easier to steer, but for me there has to be a little more resistance that feels better and if you want more resistance, then you’ve got sports and then you’ve got more directing. Let’s take it that way, but I think the standard mode is actually pretty good and I also leave it with regenerative braking as standard because if I then lift the throttle I can easily get to the next lower speed limit and I can do this one Really use the pedal so I barely use the proper brakes and if you just want to roll you’re just holding onto the gas a little bit well. ‘As white model three in the front yard there is an acceleration

This car always has so much power and instant torque that you’re actually happier than driving in chill mode, that’s my saying that the performance model is good for demonstration. However, if you are thinking of everyday driving comfort, this is the model just to know the long range and have the best range possible.You already have so much more power than you could ever need and we have the 19th here too -Inch wheels mounted and this along with the new updated air suspension is the best comfort we have had, so far have stuck to the 90-inch wheel model to save money, enjoy more comfort, they are no doubt already looking in 19 inch wheels look good, and it’s really important

The same applies to model 3. So we really see this and that progress. ‘It’s really a very positive thing because we’ve always talked about how they started with the right concept to make the car as sustainable as possible, almost animal-free and now for the model three and a year animal-free electrical building platform and then yes the build quality wasn’t right there but then you can fix it.

They know you can really work with it if you have the right concept to build on. That is exactly what we saw in particular. We’ve had the models especially since the first launch and that’s followed from the production of this item like about 10 years ago, almost uh not quite, but almost you know it just to give it to you and it still amazes me uh I mean that’s im Essentially a very old car that it could hit the market today and people would still think this is so modern that it is a concept car and you can still feel it as you drive.

It’s a unique driving experience. I would say you always feel a bit relieved when driving this vehicle because yes, there is so much you can do with the screen, even while driving it is distracting again when you want to regulate the temperature. Use the rotary knob, which you only know here with your right thumb, or use voice control to set the temperature to 23 degrees.

If you know or want to activate or deactivate the steering wheel heating, for example, you can also do this with voice control. This is no problem. They also increase or improve the voice control, which also helps to use all of the commands here, which is one of the examples of the barely-there buttons for a car.

It’s probably the car along with model x that gives you the slightest feeling that the buttons are missing, and that’s different with the premium German manufacturers where they also reduce and reduce and reduce the buttons and you really get things like come on yes, why can’t we keep them, i really need it, but here they are really trying to simplify it as much as possible and that’s why i think that in terms of suspension it is already good and better with the raven update but let it be It’s saying like a typical message that this air suspension is still better air suspension.

Yes, but you still feel a little calmer and relieved in this vehicle because of this calm design, and you know the overall design of the vehicle’s interior which is very is very interesting I can just reiterate how much I enjoy driving this one here and again in terms of energy consumption. Yes, this freeway drives about 20 kilowatt hours or more kilometers, or 32 kilowatt hours to 100 miles, which in turn is more like 300 miles of range and all of the efficiency updates with a new front electric motor with the Raven update that you would rather enjoy than if you drive a little slower, then of course more efficiency comes into play.

Germany is of course always associated with a lot of motorway driving. Why I also know you focus a bit more on driving on the motorway compared to the combustion engine models, even if these are mentioned for consumption figures. Cruise control is here with the column to the left of the steering wheel and you can enjoy a normal cruise.Control You can also activate a lane departure assistant, so that without activating the so-called autopilot, which is an active shortcut assistant, you already have something to do with it, but only when you approach the laner, and then when you have activated it. Here you can activate the autopilot with a double pull and see how it behaves on the construction site.

At the moment I am not actively steering. I really let the car do its job and so far I mean you feel it’s annoying, but pretty slick so far, that’s nice and I mean this is always a good test here on our site as this is not a typical white one Line or this situation, so this is definitely a tougher test for these assistance systems and so far it does a really, very good job when I’ve been driving the model x for a long time. I found that we had a lot of false negatives.

Sometimes, when you know that the autopilot suggested something to me and maybe it wasn’t that right, like suddenly reducing the speed even though there was nothing, for example, so um, at this point I don’t think you have the best system , but one could argue that they have great potential here again because they use this cloud intelligence, because they are constantly updating their systems, because they are learning from the situations that arise here. So there is again an interesting basic concept that could have more potential. You know this is the Tesla thing again.

That’s why I’m doing myself right, too. So and now you’re on the normal freeway. We have two white lines that are and of course very simple as far as the blind spot monitor is concerned. Also, we didn’t put one in the side mirrors here and that’s really pretty and it’s missing, however.If I don’t put the blinker warning here either, the thing the only lane departure warning I have is this chime, so um, if I try this here So I turned the steering wheel and then this warning sound came up saying, ‘It’s definitely good to have and I really appreciate it being there.

I just think it would be more helpful, or even more helpful, if, as we know from other vehicles, there was also that visual warning in the side mirror, which is definitely missing, but at least we have that warning and you just need to know when you do for another vehicle coming you have to somehow toggle it in your head and say, like okay, I don’t have that visual aid available, uh, I just know when that sound comes up and I’m about to go left and right too steer and change lanes, and then, at that moment.

This sound appears, don’t think of anything else. Just lean back, you have to remember that you somehow know it in your brain and then ‘It’s actually a system that works too, but definitely a visual thing would help here as well, as everyone still knows that you are waiting for a headache display, but overall yes, what an impressive driving experience again and now the conclusion of the Tesla model In the current status here with the latest Raven Upgrade Long Range Plus model I think that this is also the model for which it already has more than enough power.

The performance model, which I mean with the bigger wheels, and even more performance, it will be less comfortable, so to speak, but in any case with the raben upgrade with the spring upgrades and also with the better sound installation, it’s much more comfortable than before you can do it too on the highway etc. what an impressive driving experience again and now the conclusion of the Tesla model In the current status here with the most recent Raven Upgrade Long Range Plus model, I think this is also the model for which it already has more than enough power.

The performance model, which I mean with the bigger wheels, and even more performance, it will be less comfortable, so to speak, but in any case with the raben upgrade with the spring upgrades and also with the better sound installation, it’s much more comfortable than before you can do it too on the highway etc. what an impressive driving experience again and now the conclusion of the Tesla model In the current status here with the most recent Raven Upgrade Long Range Plus model, I think that this is also the model for which it already has more than enough power. The performance model, which I mean with the bigger wheels, and even more performance, it will be less comfortable, so to speak, but in any case with the raben upgrade with the spring upgrades and also with the better sound installation, it’s much more comfortable than before you can do it too on the highway etc.

s really cool and the interior has also become even more refined very usable lots of space in the interior and only a unique driving concept and also the unique interior concept, so with this size here in the full-size sedan market I think one more of the best choice, the there is, and of course they are also a very consistent strategy, not to use animal skin on the seats from 2017 in the summer of 2017.

They changed everything and the model y and the model 3, with which they are both completely animal free here, the s and the x still have the problem with the steering wheel because it’s also the heated steering wheel offer, but that is also being worked on so that the manufacturer who is most consistent in the sustainability approach and the next step is of course to even reduce some critical materials for battery use, but I mean, they have already cut. So lithium consumption for the battery cells is halved in this respect too. Even though it’s not the newest car, it still feels kind of new, especially with the latest upgrade, and you know it’s there.

Also, the performance model we have a review that even more speed, even better acceleration is really impressive and there will be the plat model that will go absolutely crazy about acceleration, it will have a second rear electric motor, then over all three Engines and when Of course, this cannot be taken for granted. We will give you a full review. See you there


What are the features of the 2021 model’s? Some of the important, comfortable interior features that the Silicon Valley brand offers in its 2021 Model S are listed below: Pollution-Free, Inside and Out – HEPA filtration system to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin. All-Weather Comfort with wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters

Is the Tesla Model’s going to get a facelift? The 2021 Tesla Model S is about addressing the most concerning aspect of the world’s first premium all-electric sedan developed from the ground up – the car’s interior. While the previous facelift cleaned up the exterior of the Tesla Model S in a subtle manner, this refresh endows it with a completely different interior.

When does the next Tesla Model’s come out? The 2021 Tesla Model S (2022 Tesla Model S in the USA) is basically a next-gen Tesla Model S from the inside. Image Source: Tesla Everything from the dashboard to the steering wheel to the centre console, floor tunnel, door panels, instrument cluster, and steering is renewed.

What kind of interior does a Tesla have? Not only the features stand out in Tesla but also the interiors, the electric sedan offers a simple, elegant, and spacious interior. Without the engine in the front, the sedan extends its room for the front row and has moved the front row a little towards the steering wheel, providing a great space for the driver and the passenger in the front row.

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