Best Cloud Hosting Service 2020

Best Cloud Hosting Service 2020

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is the latest innovation and has become very popular in recent years. This is a solution that uses physical hardware from many servers, and uses it as a host of many customers. The advantage is that this hosting is very trustworthy because even if there is a problem with the hardware on one server, the other will be able to make up for the slack to ensure the website is active and running at any time.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

Another advantage of cloud hosting is that it is generally cheaper than a dedicated server or even a more sophisticated VPS solution. This type of hosting can be used for almost all types of sites because it is very easy to customize. You will be able to choose the amount of memory, hard disk space, CPU and more when you prepare your hosting account. In addition, you will be able to add more resources when you need them, which is sometimes difficult for other hosting choices.

Aws Hosting

Aws Hosting. Amazon Web Services is a collection of Cloud Computing-based services provided by Amazon since 2002.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Although one of the internet giant companies we often know to buy books and songs, but now Amazon has added its services in terms of cloud computing infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services provides services that are mutually integrated and easily customizable. In 2006, Amazon introduced Amazon’s Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) as a commercial web service that provides cloud access to companies and individuals to rent computer storage that can be used as an online application development platform, this is the beginning of IaaS, a company that provides infrastructure as a service.

Benefits, advantages and deficiency of Amazon Web Services will be reviewed later in another post.

Aws Host Website

Aws host website. I will show you how we can host static websites on Amazon s3 buckets. We will discuss these topics creating s3 buckets, enabling hosting on s3 buckets, creating bucket policies, making me users and generating key pairs configuring AWS CLI and finally deploying websites on s3 buckets.

Use the AWS CLI so let’s get started as soon as it enters your AWS console. Move to s3 for a bucket and name the bucket like If you want to host the website in s3 buckets this bucket must be publicly accessible if no one can access your bucket and no one can access your website. Check out the full review in related posts.

Amazon Web Host

Amazon web host. In this tutorial, you will register a new domain name for your website. Then you will link the domain name through the Domain Name System (DNS) to the EC2 instances that are running (such as WebApp, or websites running WordPress, Apache, NGINX, IIS, or other Website platforms).

If you already have a registered domain name, do step 1, then see your domain registrar’s documentation for how to set DNS records for your new site.

Whenever you register a domain, we automatically create a hosted zone that has the same identify as the domain. You can use the hosted zone to find out the place you need Amazon Route 53 to route visitors on your domain.

Step 1: Get a Static URL
If you use Elastic Load Balancing (Elastic Load Balancing is done automatically if you launch the application with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk), you don’t need to get a static IP address and can go directly to step 2.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers. Nowadays cloud hosting is quite in demand by website owners. The reason is because this one service has several advantages for its users.

Cloud Servers
Cloud Servers

Cloud hosting can not only help reduce hardware usage costs, but can also offer good processing speeds. Then pull it again, downtime is also minimal. This service can also handle sudden high traffic on a site.

Then how do you choose quality cloud hosting?

Of course there are several aspects that you need to consider carefully and carefully before choosing cloud hosting. Especially at this time many providers that provide this service with a variety of advantages offered. Before deciding to use cloud hosting, it’s a good idea to pay attention to a few points that could be considered for choosing the following best cloud hosting that suits your company’s needs.

Quickbooks Hosting

Quickbooks Hosting. Using QuickBooks for your business?. The world of accounting has been blessed by technology for the past decade. In some cases, the technology prize has directed the accounting industry to the right path whereas in other cases people have asked questions about losing the importance of accountants because of technological advancements.

Quickbooks Hosting
Quickbooks Hosting

But if we look at the overall picture, technological progress has done wonders in the accounting industry and one of the wonders that have revolutionized the accounting industry is QuickBooks Hosting.

QuickBooks Hosting helps accountants, bookkeepers, and SMEs by carrying reports, bookkeeping, inventory management, and many other tasks.

Learn how to host it online.

Benefits of having a copy of QuickBooks hosted online:

  • Reliable anywhere, anytime access to your QuickBooks
  • Business continuity
  • Connectivity with remote offices or locations
  • Data backup is ongoing, automatic, off-site
  • Save on technology costs

Quickbooks In The Cloud

Quickbooks in the Cloud. Factors to consider before getting QuickBooks in the cloud. If you finally decide to move your QuickBooks accounting software to the cloud, you have made a good choice. This decision will be very beneficial for your business as QuickBooks in the cloud.

Quickbooks in the cloud offers you 24/7 access to your files and information, but also provides several other benefits such as regular automatic cloud backup, enhanced security, fast vendor support related to IT, compatibility on all devices and platforms, and more.

There are a few things you should know before you move data to QuickBooks in the cloud. You don’t want to take risks with QuickBooks cloud hosting. Consider the following:

  1. Carefully examine your QB hosting provider
  2. Prepare for Previous Challenges
  3. Revisit your IT Infrastructure
  4. Keep Your Users Updated
  5. Understand How the Cloud Works
  6. Communicate Your Needs Briefly
  7. Secure Your QuickBooks Requirements

Hosted Server

Hosted Server. In today’s business world, companies depend on their servers. Servers come in a variety of different and important choices that companies take the time and do research to find the best-hosted server solutions for them. Fortunately, this option also gives you a price range so you can find one that suits your budget, giving you what you need at a price you can afford.

Hosted Server
Hosted Server

A lot of research is needed to find the right option for you. A simpler solution is to hire a professional hosting like us to help you with this potentially large task. Even if you are a bigger business, a hosted server solution might still be the right choice for you.

There are various levels of security in all types of hosting servers, be it shared, dedicated, public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

In general, server hosting will be safer than trying to maintain and secure a server or server at your location. This is because the server hosting provider has taken stringent steps to ensure security and multiple layers, starting with the physical building where the server is located.

Hosting As A Service

Hosting as a service. I recently worked with customers to transition their software as a service offering (SaaS) from a data center to the cloud.

Hosting As A Service
Hosting As A Service

In overcoming some of the challenges this team faced with their transition to the cloud, it became clear to me that what this team offered was not pure SaaS but what I call “managed as service hosting (MHaaS).”

So what is MHaaS? And why do I believe this is important?

What is managed to host as a service?
Managed Hosting as a Service. Many software packages were not originally built to be marketed or used as multi-user solutions. These packages started in the previous world where software was sold to customers to be installed on their servers in their data centers. The software is relatively simple to package. It’s easy to focus on how one customer will install, implement, and support it.

When customers start asking if the software can be delivered as SaaS, some companies take the simplest route. They host software on their infrastructure in the current data center and offer it to customers as a service.

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers To Host Your WordPress Site

Biggest cloud hosting providers, considering utilizing Cloudways to host your WordPress site? Cloudways offers a unique strategy to WordPress hosting that lets you harness the facility of cloud computing, without having any particular technical data (that’s the unique half!).

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers
Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers

In my palms-on Cloudways review, I’ll dig into precisely what it is that makes Cloudways unique, why Cloudways’ method gives you more flexibility than most different WordPress hosts and the way it works to host a WordPress web site at Cloudways.

By the top of this Cloudways review, you need to be able to decide whether Cloudways is the correct spot to host your WordPress website(s).

QnA Google Drive Web Internet hosting 2018

QnA Google Drive Web Internet Hosting 2018
QnA Google Drive Web Internet Hosting 2018

Can I use Google Drive to host my website?

You can use Google Drive to host basic web sites or even complicated JavaScript-based mostly web apps. You might add and publish any form of static content material* on your web site together with HTML pages, images, CSS, icons, audio & video files including podcasts.

How do I host a website on Google Drive?

To host a web page on Google Drive, create a folder in Google Drive and set the sharing permission to “Public on the Web.”
Upload the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS information for your net web page to the new folder.
Choose the HTML file, open it, and click the “Preview” button within the toolbar.

Does Google have free Web hosting?

It’s a somewhat-known proven fact that you should use Google to host a website free using the corporate’s service designed for web apps. The trick is to make use of Google App Engine to reap the benefits of 1GB of bandwidth per day and 1 GB of free storage space.

How I Host A Website From Google Drive

Host a website from google drive. How much does it cost to host an internet site on google, google Webhosting pricing – starting at $45. The most affordable of the massive three, the Google Cloud Platform’s pricing mannequin is still a far cry from the prices charged by a number of the hosts mentioned earlier. For $44.66 per thirty days, Google presents its Custom 2 core 3.75GB hosting solution

Host A Website From Google Drive
Host A Website From Google Drive

Can I host my website?

Sure, you can. But before you accomplish that, there are limitations you want to think about: You should know to find out how to set up a WWW server software on your computer. Your Web service supplier helps you running websites on your house computer.

How do I host my website on google domain

Join your domain to a third-social gathering web host

  • Check in to Google Domains.
  • Choose the identity of your domain.
  • In the high left, click on Menu. DNS.
  • Below “Custom useful resource data,” set the custom useful resource report type your internet host requires: Add an A document:​​ ​​In the first subject, enter “@” or the required subdomain. From the menu, select A.

Plesk onedrive backup

Plesk cloud backup. The place does Plesk backup?, Backups may be saved in two places: The interior Plesk storage – backup storage situated on your Plesk server. Exterior FTP storage – backup storage situated on some external server in the Net or your local network.

How do I backup my Plesk server?, To back up the server configuration settings and all personal data you’ve got on your hosting machine: Go to Instruments & Settings > Backup Manager. Click on Back Up. The Again Up the Server page might be opened.

Methods to Restore Your Web site Using a Backup Created in Plesk :

  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. Click on Subscriptions, then the Domain
  3.  …

Virtual private cloud hosting

Virtual private cloud hosting definition, non-public clouds are single-tenant environments where there’s devoted hardware for a single client. A more generally used non-public cloud answer is one where clients subscribe to multi-tenant surroundings offering digital non-public cloud hosting.

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting
Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Organizations obtain community isolation by creating non-public subnets whereas lowering prices by sharing hardware slices with different tenants. Non-public clouds supply the next key benefits.

How does virtual private cloud work?

A virtual personal cloud (VPC) is a safe, isolated personal cloud hosted within a public cloud. VPC clients can run code, retailer knowledge, host web sites, and do the rest they may do in an odd non-public cloud, however, the non-public cloud is hosted remotely by a public cloud provider.

Digital Ocean Vps Pricing And How To Register It

Digital ocean vps pricing. Enhance your DigitalOcean internet hosting expertise with even more simplicity. Get pleasure from all the hassle-free advantages of DigitalOcean web server in your business.

Digital Ocean Vps Pricing And How To Register It
Digital Ocean Vps Pricing And How To Register It

Digitalocean vps is a highly regarded VPS cloud service. And their servers are cloud already. So that for server reliability there is no question. DigitalOcean servers are in Singapore, other than Singapore, there are also servers for New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Bangalore and others.

Is there a DigitalOcean Free Trial Obtainable?. Digitalocean provide a $100, 60-day Free Credit score for brand spanking new accounts you could get by signing up here

Host Website On Google Drive Web Hosting 2018

Google drive web hosting 2018. When you’re searching for the perfect various to hosting for your small business page but don’t have access to a server, Google drives web hosting options is a superb and dependable solution worth considering as a result of it is steady, easy to make use of, and cheap. Google Drive can be used for internet hosting simple or much more complicated JavaScript-oriented internet pages and net applications.

Host Website On Google Drive Web Hosting 2018
Host Website On Google Drive Web Hosting 2018

How one can? The very first thing you must do is save your JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and picture information in a folder that’s set to ‘public on the web’ in the sharing settings to verify everybody has to access to them.

Hosting net pages on Google Drive is an extra dependable answer as a result of it makes use of Google’s proprietary knowledge center.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Product

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation that provides servers, storage, networks, applications, and services through a global network of data centers managed by Oracle Corporation. The company allows this service to be provided on request via the Internet.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Product
Oracle Marketing Cloud Product

Oracle Cloud provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS). This service is used to build, deploy, integrate, and expand applications in the cloud. This platform also supports SQL, HTML5, REST, etc., as well as open source applications for Kubernetes, Hadoop, Kafka, etc., and various programming languages, databases, tools, and frameworks including Oracle-specific, Open Source, and software and systems third party.

In today’s world, customers constantly share views about what they want and need, what they like and don’t like, and what matters most to them. Companies that listen to their customers can offer better products, create more targeted messages, provide better customer service, and learn the best ways to engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time.

IBM Bluemix Feature-Rich Cloud Service

Introduction to Bluemix. Bluemix is ​​a cloud-PaaS (Platform as a Services) service, which offers a service where we can measure on a virtual server and build microservices with event-driven models. Broadly speaking Bluemix functions as a cloud platform, analytic, storage, data security, and so on. Also, Bluemix provides more than 30 services on Bluemix. For example in Boilerplates, there are services such as mobile cloud, js web started node, Internet of Things Starter.

IBM Bluemix Feature Rich Cloud Service
IBM Bluemix Feature Rich Cloud Service

IBM Bluemix is ​​a Cloud service – Platform as a Service, which functions the same as Google App Engine (Google), Microsoft Azure (Microsoft), Heroku (Salesforce), and Amazon Web Service (Amazon). Bluemix can run various applications such as websites, mobile, big data, and smart devices. Bluemix has been around since last February, and in April this year, there was a massive update. IBM added many services (more than 30 services). Engine from Bluemix itself is based on Cloud Foundry, which is an open-source project to build Cloud PaaS services.

Bluemix has been polished in such a way and is integrated with IBM’s software, resulting in a variety of service APIs. Some services are even included in the Enterprise category.

Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages and Speed

Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud (Mandarin: 阿里 云; pinyin: Ālǐyún; lit.: ‘Ali Cloud’), also known as Aliyun, is a Chinese cloud computing company, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud Computing was founded on September 10, 2009, with the mission of building an advanced data-centric cloud computing service company and an Internet data-sharing platform. The company attracts top technical talent both domestically and internationally and is committed to innovating in technology in the field of the Internet and e-commerce based on Alibaba Group’s experience in the e-business sector.

Alicloud Or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages And Speed
Alicloud Or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages And Speed

World-class technology will help Alibaba become the most influential Internet company and the largest e-commerce service provider in the world and will bring new experiences on the internet and e-commerce for the future.

Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services for online businesses and Alibaba’s e-commerce ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud’s international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore. As in August 2019, the company announced to change the name of Alibaba Cloud to Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Easy and Free Way to Create an Adobe Account

Adobe account. Adobe is a very large and popular company today in the field of design and editing. Adobe provides a variety of multimedia software that is equipped with cool and sophisticated features. Examples of Adobe products, namely Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash CS, Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, and others.

Easy And Free Way To Create An Adobe Account
Easy And Free Way To Create An Adobe Account

The product above is the most popular software because it is an important software in the multimedia world. Examples of companies that require such software, such as printing, film production, radio, architecture, and others.

How do you get all the products from Adobe above? Before you get it, you must first create an account at Adobe. Making this Adobe ID free, the requirement to create an Adobe account is just an email address first. You can use Google Mail, or Yahoo Mail, this email serves to confirm your account is the absolute holder of Adobe ID.

Google Compute Engine History And Pricing

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is an infrastructure component that is included as a Service from the Google Cloud Platform built on a Global infrastructure that runs Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and other services. Google Compute Engine allows users to launch virtual machines on demand.

Google Compute Engine History And Pricing
Google Compute Engine History And Pricing

Virtual machines can be launched from standard images or special images created by users. Google Compute Engine users must be authenticated based on OAuth 2.0 before launching a Virtual Machine. Google Compute Engine can be accessed through the Developer Console, REST (Representational State Transfer), or command-line interface.

Google announced Compute Engine on June 28, 2012, on Google I / O in limited preview mode. In April 2013, Google Compute Engine was available to customers with a Gold Support Package. On February 25, 2013, Google announced that RightScale was its first retailer.

Get To Know Google Pub-Sub And Its Message Queue

Global messaging and easier absorption of events. Absorbing events on all scales Data absorption is the foundation for analysis and machine learning, whether you are creating integrated streams, batches, or pipelines. Google cloud Pub-Sub / Sub provides a simple and reliable staging location for your event data for processing, storage, and analysis purposes.

Get To Know Google Pub Sub And Its Message Queue
Get To Know Google Pub Sub And Its Message Queue

With Cloud Pub / Sub, data engineers can:

  1. Scale by providing, creating partitions, or isolating loads without worry
  2. Easily expand your application and pipeline to new regions with global topics
  3. Enrich, delete duplicates, sort, merge, and place events using Cloud Dataflow
  4. Combining real-time processing and batch processing through durable Cloud Pub / Sub storage

Google Datalab Exploration, Analysis, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning

An interactive tool that is easy to use for exploration, analysis, data visualization, and machine learning.

Google today launched Cloud Datalab. Cloud Datalab is an interactive and reliable tool created to explore, analyze, transform, and visualize data and create machine learning models on the Google Cloud Platform. This tool can run on Compute Engine and easily connect to many cloud services so you can focus on your data science tasks.

Google Datalab Exploration, Analysis, Data Visualization, And Machine Learning
Google Datalab Exploration, Analysis, Data Visualization, And Machine Learning

This service uses a Jupyter notebook (formerly known as IPython), a format that allows you to create documents with direct code and visualization. Jupyter is quite famous in the world of data science, and a growing ecosystem has developed around it, which should make this new Google tool easier too.

To get started, you must first use Cloud Datalab as an App Engine application – and that’s where fees for using the service will enter after the free beta period (Google has not released pricing information). After completion, you can start a new project and prepare a new notebook; This service will come with several notebooks installed to help you get started.

Get to know Google Cloud Server

Google Cloud Platform, (or GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services offered by Google. GCP runs on the same infrastructure that is used by Google for its internal products, such as Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Along with a set of management tools, GCP provides a range of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analysis, and machine learning. Registration requires a credit card or bank account details.

Google Cloud Server
Google Cloud Server

Google’s cloud platform provides infrastructure services, platform services, and a server-free computing environment. In April 2008, Google announced an application engine, a platform for developing and hosting web applications in a data center managed by Google, which is the company’s first cloud computing service.

This service is generally available in November 2011. Since the announcement of the application engine, Google has added several platform services to the cloud. Google’s cloud platform is part of Google’s cloud, which includes Google’s cloud platform public cloud infrastructure, as well as, G Suite, enterprise versions of Android and Chrome, and application programming interfaces for machine learning and enterprise mapping services.

Adobe creative cloud download, Support for Windows and macOS

Adobe creative cloud all apps, who does not know Adobe software? Among the most famous are Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom or Acrobat. They are often, if not always, the benchmark in their respective fields. Everyone knows that these are professional software and that as such the price of licenses also plays in the big leagues. Only the era of license purchases is over, the time is for monthly payment, which in some cases can drastically reduce.

Adobe Creative Cloud Download, Support For Windows And MacOS
Adobe Creative Cloud Download, Support For Windows And MacOS

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

The strength of Adobe Creative Cloud lies in the diversity of subscription plans offered. Thus, if there are formulas dedicated to SMEs, large companies or schools, we will focus here only on those made for individuals and students. So let’s cut the suspense short: $ 59.99. This is the price of the monthly subscription to have all Adobe software at your disposal. Nearly 60 euros per month, this may seem expensive, but you have to keep in mind that for this price you get access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Acrobat Pro, Stock, XD et and if some names don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, we’ll go into detail later in this article.

Docker Cloud Computing Free To Build

Docker cloud, docker is a set of the platform as a product (PaaS) product that uses OS-degree virtualization to deliver software in a bundle known as a container. Containers are remoted from each other and mix their software program, libraries, and configuration recordsdata; they will communicate with each other by clear channels. All containers are run by a single operating system kernel and therefore use fewer assets than digital machines.

Docker Cloud
Docker Cloud

This service has free and premium levels. Software that accommodates containers is called Docker Engine. It was first launched in 2013 and developed by Docker, Inc.

Docker Inc. was founded by Solomon Hykes and Sebastien Pahl during the Y Incinerator Summer 2010 startup incubator group and launched in 2011. Hykes started the Docker project in France as an internal project in dotCloud, a platform-as-a-service company.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Product

Oracle Marketing Cloud Product

What is Oracle Social Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation that provides servers, storage, networks, applications, and services through a global network of data centers managed by Oracle Corporation. The company allows this service to be provided on request via the Internet.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Product
Oracle Marketing Cloud Product

Oracle Cloud provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS). This service is used to build, deploy, integrate, and expand applications in the cloud. This platform also supports SQL, HTML5, REST, etc., as well as open source applications for Kubernetes, Hadoop, Kafka, etc., and various programming languages, databases, tools, and frameworks including Oracle-specific, Open Source, and software and systems third party.

In today’s world, customers constantly share views about what they want and need, what they like and don’t like, and what matters most to them. Companies that listen to their customers can offer better products, create more targeted messages, provide better customer service, and learn the best ways to engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time.

For marketers, the challenges associated with gaining access to actionable insights on a scale to encourage customer involvement can be daunting. To succeed in today’s highly competitive market, digital marketing teams must learn from their customers, get insights about their needs and preferences, and then change that learning to develop superior content and messaging and encourage positive interaction with brands.

Oracle Social Cloud is a complete solution that empowers businesses to uncover better
insight, engaging with social speed, and measuring their efforts along the way. Influence
the power of social media throughout the organization to drive tangible business results.

What is Oracle Social Cloud?

Oracle Social Cloud is a web-based application that helps companies monitor and analyze content related to your product or brand on social media. Oracle Social Cloud combines the features of listening and analyze, engage, workflow, and automation in one application.

With Oracle Social Cloud, you can find out and get data about what people say about your business, competitors, and also current market trends. When you have that data, you can do an analysis that results in an effective new marketing strategy and knows what customers need. With the data you get through using Oracle Social Cloud, you can harness the power of social media for your entire organization and drive more tangible business revenue.

Why should you choose Oracle Social Cloud?

You can find out and control the opinions of customers about your business
With Oracle Social Cloud, you can create positive experiences about brands by listening to and understanding customer desires.

1. Provide relevant content

Inside the Oracle Social Cloud, there is a Publish feature, which works to help you easily schedule and publish content through social media channels, and is available in various languages to meet customer needs globally.

2. Connected globally

To be successful in today’s global world, an organization must be able to hear, engage, and learn without the constraints of location and diverse languages. Oracle Social Cloud offers a solution to face the global world, which is the User Interface that is available in more than 36 languages and will continue to grow in the future.

3. Integrated with all CX platforms

Oracle Social Cloud has been integrated with Oracle CX and Oracle Marketing solutions such as Eloqua, Responsys, Service, and others.

Oracle Social Cloud is the right solution to support business continuity and create effective marketing strategies. With the availability of many superior features such as the User Interface that is available in more than 36 languages, you can develop your business digitally and globally without significant obstacles.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Oracle branded Infrastructure as a Service as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offering includes the following services. Oracle announces Generation 2 Cloud at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

1. Compute: The company provides Virtual Machines to provide various shapes (VM sizes) that serve various types of workloads and performance characteristics. They also provide a Bare metal server and a Bare-metal GPU server, without a hypervisor with the ability to increase and decrease.

2. Storage: This platform provides Block Volume, Object Storage, and Archive Storage with the ability to activate databases, analytics, content, and other applications across common protocols and APIs.

3. Network: This cloud platform provides a network with IP addresses, subnets, routing, and firewalls that are fully configurable to support new or existing private networks with End-to-End Security.

4. Governance: For Audits, Identity, and Access Management, this platform can Check Data Integrity, Traceability, and access management features.

5. Database: This platform allows Oracle databases to be used on-demand in a cloud environment with Real Application Clusters, data security, and granular control.

6. Load Balancing: The cloud platform offers load balancing capabilities to automatically route traffic across Available Domains for high availability and fault tolerance for hosted applications.

7. Edge Services: This service is used to monitor the path between users and resources to adapt to changes and outages using a secure DNS infrastructure.

8. Ravello: This service allows the deployment of VMware or KVM-based data center workloads that are on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, or GCP as-is, without any modification to the VM, network, or storage.

9. FastConnect: The cloud platform provides personal connectivity on the local and cloud networks.