2019 Roush Mustang Axle-back Exhaust Sound Clip And Install


2019 Roush Mustang Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip and Install

2019 roush mustang, If you’re after one of the loudest and most popular axle-backs in the category for your 2018 and newer Mustang GT, the Roush should always be in the discussion. Now, the Roush axle-back will combine a quality 304-grade stainless build with blistering tone, all for around the mid $600 price point while the install will involve a small amount of cutting.

Ford Mustang Roush 427R Trak Pak - 7 April 2019 - Autogespot

So, therefore, we will knock this one up to a soft two out of three wrenches on the old difficulty meter here with a little bit more detail on that later in the article. So, ever since I can remember the Roush has been one of the most popular if not the most popular axle-back in the category for your S197 or S550 GT, V6 or EcoBoost.

Figure a combination and quality fitment and tone make this a great or go to choice for a lot of owners out there, but if I had to pick one, I would say it’s mainly because of the super aggressive tone coming from the unique hollow chambered Roush mufflers. So, segueing into my patented wake the neighbors scale portion of the article, the Roush is one of the easiest systems I’ve ever ranked at a strong four out of five on my one to five or one to wake the neighbor scale. A ton of volume and a slightly higher tone here with the Roush in place is what you can expect when bolting everything up.

Now, keep in mind here gang I typically reserved the full five out of five ranking for full-blown cat-backs like the Flowmaster Outlaw or the Corsa Xtreme as they eliminate that factory resonator, but just know that if you do ditch that factory resonator here with the Roush axle-back in place in favor of an X or an H-pipe, you’re certainly going to peg that scale.

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So, we know that the Roush is certainly a loud system in our sound clips back that up, but what else can you expect when going with this very popular axle-back? Well, this does utilize some very, very nice materials, guys, including the full 304-grade stainless steel throughout, including the small amount of two and a half-inch mandrel bent tubing, those open or hollow chambered mufflers, and then finally, everything will exit out the quad tips here, full stainless and polished to a nice shine.

As far as your install is concerned, well again, there will be some cutting involved here but that will be the case with any axle-back for your S550. So, because of that, I will nudge this one up to a soft two out of the three wrenches on the difficulty meter here. Really not that bad as long as you take your time. And to give you a better idea of what’s involved for this job, here is a detailed walkthrough along with a tool breakdown. First thing we’re gonna do here is make a mark on our cat-back that’s gonna show us where we need to cut so we can remove the factory axle-backs.

So, what we wanna do is find our muffler and come down right after the bend. As soon as the bend stops and you have a section of straight pipe, that’s where we wanna cut. I’m gonna go ahead and make a mark here and we’ll do the same thing on this side. You wanna find your bend. Right after the bend, you’re gonna have a straight piece of pipe and we’ll make our cutline right here. We’re now ready to cut our factory axle-backs out of here. I got a metal cutting blade on my Sawzall.

So, let’s go ahead and get this guy cut. So, I’m about halfway through the pipe here. I did throw a pole jack up in place here so when I go all the way through this muffler doesn’t come down and hit me on my head. All right. We’ve got our axle-back cut now. I’m gonna slide this stock muffler out of place. I’m gonna spray the upper hanger with a little bit of WD-40.

Should able to just slide this right on out of our hangar. We’re now ready to throw our new axle-backs up into place. I’m gonna start by putting a clamp on the end here. And we can get our hanger started in our rubber isolator. And from there, we’ll just go ahead and get this pipe started back here. And we wanna make sure we bottom this out. We’ll do the exact same thing on the left side of the car now.

Start off by putting our clamp on. We’ll get our hangar started and our rubber isolator and then we’ll make the connection back here. And you wanna make sure that bottoms out just like that. And before we throw our tips on here, I’m gonna go ahead and get both of our clamps tightened. Have a 15-millimeter on my half-inch impact gun. Now, we’re ready to throw our tips on. Again we wanna put a clamp on first.

Slide our tip on. Get it positioned exactly where we want it and go ahead and tighten down this clamp. That’s gonna wrap up our review and install. Be sure to check out more here.

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