2019 Mustang V6 Ecoboost Review And Test Drive


2019 Mustang V6 EcoBoost Review and Test Drive

2019 mustang v6, Here for daily automotive news Hi friends, welcome to AutonetMagz yes, we’re still in Batam, and this day i want to review Ford Mustang EcoBoost.

Ford Mustang V6 Convertible - Ford Mustang 2019

So this is a 2018 Mustang EcoBoost facelift now they change the design if the 2015 model is like that And we can see, now in front fascia has a lot of change First, let’s check the headlight Just a taste, i like this headlight shape then the previous model.

Because this lamp look more intimidating looks more like first generation Mustang if the previous model is look like bully or something like jack ass And if you have a Mustang, i’ve been hear from the Mustang owners if you are go to the valet parking which specially for exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari if this car dubbed with Muscle Car but Mustang still can get into the exotic car parking area, why ?.

Because the badge is horse because this is assumed to be the Ferrari logo even though the Ferrari horse is standing, and this horse is running “One turn, seems like it’s finished talking, right?” Ok! Yes, Officer – Ferrari, right? No, the horse is running, not standing. If i’m going to my village with this car, i’ll bought the village and everything You joke officer ha.

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I promise want to go to my village Thanks officer And now for the facelift version got the accent like a hood scoop here there’s a hole but it’s not through to the engine bay So this had a cover, but it’s perforated Ok, let’s see the side view, c’mon.

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