2019 Mustang Shelby Gt350 Review


2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 Review

2019 mustang shelby, Ford mustang is no stranger to special editions. Some of them in fact, are pretty lame, but the all-new shelby gt350 is anything, but it’s actually been gone through top to bottom to be 14. It says the most capable handling Mustang they’ve ever made and after spending time on the track and street with it. I have to say this is definitely something very unique and very special 5.2 liter v8 and the gt350 is all new and extremely unique. It’S 526 horsepower and that’s 91 more than the baseball stang and it can rev to a sky-high 8250 RPM that accomplishes this because of the design called flat. Friendship not going to bore you specifics, but what it allows the engine to do is read faster Rev higher and a conjunction with free-flowing cylinder heads and your camshaft make a lot more power, and it does that, while making a good amount of torque to.

2019 Shelby GT-S Mustang Sixt - 4074058

In fact, there is a whole lot of the usable park that makes the engine extremely punchy down, whoa, where you think there wouldn’t be a whole lot of power, a whole lot of work, but it holds its fantastic just how well this engine drives both on the Street and the track, and with that high rpm, redline and all the power that it makes throughout the whole power band, this engine is great on the street or the track something rest over 8,000 rpm, you think, will lose a lot of its punch on the street. That’S not the case at all, and then the noise this thing makes is just fantastic. Does not like anything else on the road. It sounds like a v8 up until about 6,000 rpm, you still got over 2,000, more rpm to go above 6000rpm missing almost sounds magical. You haven’t heard anything like it to fulfill the claim of the best-handling Mustang. A lot of work has been done to the chassis suspension. Bushings wheels tires brakes, these brakes are massive and they worked very, very well.

There’S six-piston calipers upfront, larger rotors, upfront, four-piston, calipers outback and by far are the most impressive breaking packages that we’ve seen on a Mustang and suspension itself. You have two options: the base gt350 comes with the fixed firmness suspension, but in the optional track package you can get Ford’s first use ever of a magnetic ride, control suspension, called magma ride in this application. You have adjustable firmness and also it’s always adapting to different driving situations. It’S adjustable through five driving modes. Now those driving mode control a lot more than just the ride. Quality and firmness of the shock absorbers. There’S a exhaust system on the gt350, with flaps that opens and closes and in those modes it’ll change.

The exhaust aggressiveness, which my favorite is just wild time, sounds so good, but you also have steering firmness, engine, responsiveness and all those I are adjustable in various modes. Sport and track are clearly the favorites for spirited driving is also normal mode. Now it’s a good thing that they call it normal mode and not comfort mode, because it’s not comfortable as soon as you get in the car. It’S immediately apparent that this rides a whole lot different than the GT there’s less body roll less knows die, but there’s also a lot of noise vibration harshness. That’S been introduced in the vehicle. Now it’s not a dealbreaker by any mean, but you do feel everything in the road and there’s a whole lot more road noise. In a GT now, the mustang GT has recaro seats, but they’re more along the lines of you know a sporty seat rather than sports car seat.

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This feels like a purpose-built race seat with just great side, bolstering that algae in place, and especially with this cloth material, which is very grippy, and it looks the part 2. If you find yourself at the track very frequently, then you want to look at the 350. Are now the r is the most tragic, capable version of the mustang gt350 when it comes to the use of extremely sticky michelin cup two tires as well as aerodynamic downforce from that massive rear, spoiler. Also up 220 pounds lighter deleting such pedestrian options such as air conditioning a stereo sandal and insulation, and a rear seat. Now, on the track, this car carried a lot more speed through the corners and the regular gt350 on the straight, how to come out of the corner, get up to a rev limiter and then hit the brakes. Well, I’m the are, I would just be carrying so much more speed through the corner and hit that rev limiter whole lot sooner so before, where I wouldn’t have to shift in the gt350 are, i would have to it. Just was a lot faster around the track.

I’M the most experienced track driver, but in my novice intermediate skill level i was able to tell the difference absolutely between the 350 in the 350 are. The gt350 starts around forty eight thousand dollars with destination. Now that sounds mighty attractive, but you’re not getting a whole lot of the notable features for that money that much talked-about magna right, suspension, the adjustable driving modes, the oil coolers. That’S all part of the 6500 dollar track package. You take that you add in the 1300 dollar gas-guzzler tax, because well it gets 16 miles per gallon combined your long ways away for forty-eight thousand dollars in the packaging is a little strange to because you have a tech package that adds navigation and upgraded stereo and Dual climate control, but you don’t get all of the track pack features in that you get some of them like magnetic suspension, but not everything. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want, you know, navigation and the track package, but still this particular car that I’m in front of its 57,000 dollars it’s the gt350 with the track package, but man every time you hear that exhaust it certainly makes it seem worth it.

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