2019 Mustang Gt350r Review


2019 Mustang Gt350r Review

2019 mustang gt350r, Clockwise corners drift so much easier, unless you get overconfident. Bizarre. I think counterclockwise looked better. Counterclockwise. Counterclockwise. I’m confused. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, this car has a lot of grip. Incredible. The front tires are 305 wide. We’ll do a walk-around to show you later. This engine 8,250 rpm. I think it’s most bizarre that it sounds like an old-fashioned burbling V8. I don’t know. It’s a specific character. Martijn, you should get in and let the instructor drive. I think that’s fun. I promised to tell more about this Mustang.

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It’s making me talk like this. This is a real mean machine. The color says as much; a cool yellow. Yellow is still a good color, isn’t it? This is the Shelby GT350R. Let me explain. GT350 says nothing about the hp, because the V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft.

Yes, just like a Ferrari. Still, this one sounds different. That’s because it has 1 inlet throttle body (more compact) and 2 exhausts. It has a real V8 sound. I think this car sounds unique and special. It makes a lot of noise.

The disadvantage of a flat-plane crankshaft is that it produces more vibrations. That’s why Ford started using normal crankshafts in the ’20s. Those aren’t flat. The cylinders are attached here and there. Google a picture. Flat-plane is flat, but that makes the crankshaft lighter. The car has a quicker throttle response and makes rpm more easily.

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Speaking of rpm, it’s a 5.2-liter V8. I’d say “guess”, but it’s allowed to do 8,250 rpm. The first time I took off here and shifted into 2nd gear I looked at the tachometer and saw 6,500 rpm. You’re used to shifting immediately with a V8. 519 hp and 586 Nm (432 lb ft) torque. This means that in normal trim (with a manual transmission) this car does 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 4.

3 seconds. This R does it in 3.9 seconds. It’s a huge beast. I think it’s a car that demands respect. The way it sounds, what it does for advanced users. To use its full potential. The guys on the test track said this isn’t an easy car. You’ll have to continue learning.

I did fantastic. Martijn, you won’t show the drifts that failed, right? The things that make the GT350R unique is carbon. It saves weight. Just like Porsche, it only saves 60 kg. A carbon rear wing isn’t unique, but this.

These are carbon rims. Indeed. I think this is the first production car on which this is available. The Koenigsegg is not a production car. These are 50% lighter. While I’m sitting on the ground, the front tire size on 19 inch rims is 30 high and 305 wide. Bizarre.

You can buy this at the Ford dealer for a Mustang V8. You can install it on a normal V8. It’s huge. Compare it with my hand. This pipe too. These are A/C ducts for buildings. It’s insane.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R was made to have loads of grip to get the best lap times. This means it’s hard to drift. It has a lot of grip. It slides on 4 wheels sometimes and has understeer despite the 305 front tires. Plus, this is a naturally aspirated V8. It doesn’t have much torque at low rpm, relatively speaking. In this turbo age we expect massive torque from standstill.

This one has peak torque at 4,750 rpm. It starts pulling from 3,500 rpm. When you put it in 2nd gear and want to drift, nothing happens at first. When it loses traction, it snaps because it has loads of power. It loses traction suddenly. That makes it difficult. You want to stay near the limit and a little drift once in a while.

I think this’ll be scary on a grown-up track, because it’s rather snappy. It’s a tank slapper. You drift one way and it comes back. It should go straight, but then it slides again. At the third tank slap I was facing the other way. Not elegant, but it happened. For advanced users, but it’s a really cool device.

It won’t be officially sold in Europe. The car will be 50,000 dollar in America. It’s embarrassing. I don’t know how much it’ll be on Dutch plates. You probably don’t want to know because the taxes will be high. In America, this version costs as much as a base model BMW M4 with no options. You can have this GT350R with carbon rims and a 530 hp V8.

It’s more than special. Or a base model BMW M4. That’s a difficult choice if I lived in the States. I heard they’re looking for a professional for Ford stock articles. Shall I do that? – If you can do a lap. Let’s. Shall we start? They’ll have to get in.

Can someone guide him? Or he’ll take off. He wants to shoot there. – We’ll put it… Wouter, for honor. I heard other drivers have to be careful because the tires are worn.

Someone else has yet to drive. There is some rubber left. Why are the tires worn? I thought I saw you get out. It’s so much fun. Full-lock drifting is fantastic, but driving it on the limit of grip there, turning in and keep it on the grip limit in the corner is the most fun. When you hit the throttle you feel it slowly..

I’m distracted. It’s very satisfactory if you do it right. Much speed. Exiting the corner here I saw this field and decided to brake. I was going very fast. It’s really.

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