2019 Ford Gt500 Lights Up Our Hearts With 700+ Horsepower


2019 Ford Gt500 Lights Up Our Hearts With 700+ Horsepower

2019 ford gt500, Mustang chief engineer, Carl Whitman says that the engine plant for Shelby models is the only one of his factories where the employees receive fan letters from owners. If those guys and gals handiwork inspires that kind of devotion based on building the 526 horsepower v8 for the GT 350, I’ve got to assume that they’re in line for some really bitchin care packages. When this 700-plus horsepower Shelby GT 500 hits dealers., That’s right. This is the most powerful production Mustang ever to hit the street, and while I don’t have all the headline numbers for this 2020 Gt500 yet., I can tell you that it’s shaping up to be very impressive and very different than the 500s that came before it. I First drove a GT 500 way back in 2006 and that car was a beast big power.

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Heavy clutch, a brute force, knuckle dragger, Especially by today’s standards, with 500 horsepower at the crank that car went straight in a hurry, But it was a nose heavy Pig when it came to corners With the gt500 generation. Since then, the cars handling has improved, but this new 20 20 is shaping up to be a different beast altogether. Ford says this Shelby craves, hammering around big Road courses and not just the quarter-mile Visually there’s a lot of changes to process. The new engine requires 50 % more airflow, So you’ve got a much bigger opening up front which is balanced out by these wider fenders. There’S a new hood made of sheet gold compound complete with hood pins and the biggest vent ever fitted to a production, Ford, There’s arrow fences along the sides and a new rear fascia that terminates in 5-inch exhaust tips. This particular car is equipped with a hardcore optional. Carbon fiber track pack, which includes 20-inch carbon fiber, wheels wearing michelin cup 2, semi Slicks along with a bigger rear wing, front, dive planes and rear seat delete.

It looks serious, Apparently, it’s possible to get more rear, downforce out of this setup than the Ford GT supercar, and that whole thing looks like one big wing so about that engine. The new pride of Romeo Michigan is the 5.2 liter out of the GT 350. But not as you know it, the flat plain crank is gone and there’s a honking 2.65 liter Eton supercharger nestled right down in the V running a 12 psi That much boost forced engineers to go back to the drawing board. The result includes additional cross drilling for better cooling new longer head bolts to keep the whole thing from grenading.

Under the pressure plus different head gaskets valves, seals, seats and springs, the cooling system has been overhauled, like many other Mustangs. The new 500 features magnetic ride, control and the brakes are massive with sixteen point. Five inch front discs That ford says are the largest of any domestic production coupe. The Brembos runs six piston fixed, calipers up front and four piston units out back. Interestingly, no carbon ceramics, The GT, 500s biggest philosophical change, it comes with a new 7-speed dual-clutch.. That’S right! You can’t get a manual with hundred millisecond shift times.

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The new box was always going to be quicker on the street strip or Road course.. The only question is, if it’ll be, as involving Ford says, to expect zero to 60 in the mid threes and the quarter mile in under 11 seconds. All in this new Gt500 is apparently a chunk quicker around tracks than the already very impressive gt350r, and it’s said to be more refined and friendly as well Now that that would be a real character change for a gt500., Not a whole lot has been done to The interior There’s available Recaros and unique magnesium shifters, but overall it’s pretty buttoned up.. There is one big change, however: The traditional gear shift lever has been replaced with a rotary dial And I’m not sure I’m convinced.

If I can’t have this, Then I at least want this For it. If you’re gon na make me do this, I want it to feel substantial and mechanical cold to the touch like the crank wheel on a bank vault or maybe a decent faucet. This feels a little plastic, a dainty and, like it came out of a fusion because it did, The handbrake is also gone.. So if you’ve got Ken Block fantasies, you’re gon na need to stick with a GT 350. Overall, the 2020 Shelby gt500 looks like an absolute monster. I can’t wait to see the numbers trickle in including the price as we get closer to this cars on sale date later this fall.

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