2019 Ford Bullitt Review And Road Test


2019 Ford Bullitt Review and Road Test

2019 ford bullitt, The Ford Mustang Bullitt is a modern interpretation of a 1960s movie car. Now, you have a choice to make. Should I recount its storied past to give proper historical context, or should I drive it like an idiot? Good choice. Okay, we can’t build an entire article with this sort of goofballery. Maybe we should talk about the car. If you’ve never seen the classic thriller Bullitt there’s a big old car chase scene in the middle featuring a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger. I’d rather not be sued by Warner Brothers, so instead of the movie here’s some b-roll from Ford.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt First Look: Famed Car Returns - Motor Trend Canada

Suffice it to say the chase scene and its Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang hero car have achieved legendary status, inspiring some misguided souls to drive with a bit more flair. Over the years Ford has released similarly styled Mustangs, like in 2001 and 2008. For 2019 history is repeating itself all over again. The sixth-generation Mustang has been Bullitt-ized in the ways you’d expect. There are subdued chrome accents, a black honeycomb grille, torque thrust, 19-inch aluminum wheels, a front splitter nabbed from the GT Performance Package, and a delightful dearth of badges and decals, aside from this fake gas cap. Inside there’s a special Bullitt welcome screen in case you’ve entered the car blindfolded, along with green stitching adorning the leather seats, door panels and dash. Rounding things out are a few tasteful badges and a classic cue ball shifter for relishing the amusingly short decisive throws of the six-speed manual transmission, and no you can’t buy an automatic Bullitt.

Come on just learn to drive a stick-shift won’t you? Look it’s easy. The six-speed features automatic rev matching for perfectly smooth down shifts every single time, making the heel-toe downshifts I’ve been perfecting for years completely irrelevant. Like the original ’68 Mustang, the 2019 Mustang bullet comes drenched in Highland Green paint, unless you choose the other paint option, Shadow Black. I honestly have no idea why Ford would sell a black Bullitt. I’ll be even more baffled if somebody buys one. Visual distinctions aside the Mustang Bullitt supports its aesthetic swagger with a slight bump in performance having swiped its intake manifold from the Shelby GT350. The Bullitt’s 5.

0-litre V8 makes 480 horsepower as long as you’re running 93 octane. That’s 20 horsepower more than the standard GT, though the torque figure is identical. Nonetheless, the bullet boasts an 8 mph top speed advantage versus the Mustang GT. Elevating the Bullitt’s sensory experience is an active valve performance exhaust. It has a quiet setting so you don’t wake the neighbors. We’ll just leave that off. To enhance the Bullitt’s handling staggered Michelin Pilot summer performance tires make an appearance alongside suspension upgrades from the GT Performance Package.

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As noted in other articles, the modern Mustang is no lumbering horse. A serious performance coupe if you favor speed over style, the Mustang delivers there, too. Fast, engaging, there’s tons of grip. The Bullitt’s upgrades aren’t a radical leap beyond the basic Mustang GT, but the modern GT is such an outstanding platform there’s no harm in making something great just a bit greater. Managing deceleration are larger Brembo front brakes with red six piston calipers. Around town they’re a bit overeager requiring a delicate touch, but for desperately ditching speed prior to impact following an overzealous drift leaving your local cars and coffee, they’ll do just fine. On that note, the Mustang Bullitt includes one critical component for driving dramatically, a limited slip differential.

Let’s see two black marks? Yup! The LSD is in play. Like lesser Mustangs, the bullet features a standard line lock system for cool burnouts at the drag strip. Wink. Spinning the tires while stationary is cool, but spinning them in motion is cooler. In a perfect world a car born from a movie chase scene would deliver similar thrills, and in the right setting the Bullitt does. I’m not an untalented driver, but I’m certainly not the best. With a little practice the Mustang Bullitt makes cinematic hooliganism accessible.

Slides are manageable, tire smoke is readily available, the car looks really cool doing it. Though it would be easier to slide with crappier tires. Why do they put those dang Michelin summer tires on? Too much grip. If I have one complaint it’s this, it’s really hard to initiate an e-brake turn if the ebrake won’t lock up the brakes. I think Ford is trying to stop me from driving like a jerk. I have other means. If you want a Mustang Bullitt of your own, either badge your current Mustang and spring for a Highland Green wrap, or promptly stagger down to your Ford dealer with $47,590 that’ll cover the base price and destination charges for a 2019 Bullitt.

But we’ll leave you to manage any unscrupulous dealer judges. Tack on an optional Magna Ride damping system, Recaro seats, blind spot warning and the Bullitt electronics package, which adds navigation, premium audio and driver seat memory, and you’re looking at a little more than $51,000. I’ll be honest, fetishizing the past seems kind of sad. Such a passive way to think. Plus, history is never as glossy as we imagined. In that context, you might view the Ford Mustang Bullitt as a four-wheeled nostalgia machine, but it is much more than that. Forget Steve McQueen and 1960s film history.

If none of that stuff existed I would still love this car. Like the coolest humans I know, it’s powerful yet understated and fun without being frivolous. The Mustang Bullitt is charming and timeless, nostalgia not required.

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