2019 Cobra Mustang Run 10’s Project Terminator


2019 Cobra Mustang Run 10’s Project Terminator

2019 cobra mustang, Alright guys Justin with Paul from Bama performance, we’re here for stage 3 of the Bama Terminator the one these guys have been waiting for now. I know you guys are anxious to see what’s under the hood, but first Paul. Won’T you tell these guys how far we got with the stock Eaton blower, with some upgraded exhaust, changing the pulleys and a cold air intake. We made about 460 to 470 wheel horsepower and the best of 11 for 121 mile an hour on a drag module snapperhead. Pretty good yeah absolutely, but now it’s the moment of truth, guys we’re gon na get under the hood. Show you guys what you’ve been waiting for so Paul. Let’S do it man all right guys.

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The wait is over here. It is the moment of truth. We went with a pro charger f1, a race kit, now Paul tell these guys at home why we went this direction like I said before, I’m a big believer in doing things different and everybody puts a twin screw on this thing, so we want to rip it Out put us in trickle and make some big RPM big power. Now this thing’s pretty burly right, I mean it’s capable of some serious numbers about how much it is. You know 30-plus pounds of boost a thousand plus horsepower, maybe a little bit more than where we’re at right now, but we’ve got big plans for the future. Well, let’s talk about right now as far as boost levels are concerned, what are we looking at right now? We’Re right, I hoping around 15 pounds of boost, maybe in the neighborhood of 7 to 750 wheel, horsepower just to start things off just enough to start things off. You notice how I said start right, because I’m sure this thing is gon na stay at 15 pounds for long.

No, we want to turn this thing up to 20 to 25. Pounds of boots are really going for the kill. That should be fun. Now tell these guys at home what the benefits are of switching to a centripetal blower as opposed to sticking with a root or a twin screw. Like I stated earlier, it continues to make boost with rpms and it’s going to continue to climb and it also offers much cooler intake air temperature. So the car is going to be nice and consistent even on those hot summer days, and it should be a little easier on the drivetrain correct. I mean it’s not gon na be hard on the shock launches like that, where it’s really putting the stuff through its paces, that’s correct.

You know we can still launch this thing hard out of the hole, but it’s not going to make 800 foot-pounds of torque right out of the hole. So it’s going to be a little bit forgiving on our independent rear suspension that we’re all so worried about. As far as their fueling is concerned, we had to really pump things up. There tell us a little more about what we did. We did to be able to have adequate fuel supply. We went with a return style fuel system and with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Injector dynamics ID 1000 and pumps in the tank to make sure we have enough fuel supply, no matter how much power we want to make nice and we’re moving away from from pump gas right, we’re actually getting a little crazy.

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With this we are, you know we want to make as much power as we could. We want to have that reliability at the track. The motors were designed for an unleaded fuel, so we went with a VP motorsport 109. It’S an oxygenated unleaded race, fuel, very cool. There you have it guys that about does it for the power adder in our fuel system, we are going to get underneath the car now straight, some suspension stuff that we did and also some work. We did to keep that IRS together all right Paul. What an area we really haven’t talked much about what this car yet is the suspension and obviously it’s a vital part of the car when trying to get down to 1320 quickly, and it looks like we have some new parts under here to help us do that.

That’S right: we’re running app codes, double adjustable, big gun shocks as well as their tubular, k-member and tubular controller I’ll talk about that double adjustability, very important right when trying to build a drag only car in terms of fine-tuning everything right, that’s correct, being double adjustable. That gives us the option to adjust the compression and the rebound of the strut independently of each other very cool and the new part up front here. The Affco k-member and not a whole lot of people are running this. As far as I know, it’s a fairly new part from ASCO – it’s really nice, really high-quality it looks great under here – should definitely take some of the weight off the front of the car right. It’S just great in helping this thing launch now, speaking of launching we whatever we did up front, we have to kind of mimic in the rear right so, and I know our options are limited back there with suspension. So what we end up doing we end up going with QA ones: double adjustable shocks in the rear, as you mentioned, rear coil overs specific to drag guys, not a ton available right now for the iron or the Cobra right, okay, very cool and as far as Our springs all around: what are we doing there on the front, we’re running the Affco, 14-inch 175 pound coil over spring and the rear, we’re running the H & R super sports move? Ok, so again, with anything with a drag car, I mean it’s probably going to be from some fine-tuning some adjustments to be made, we’ll get it down to the track, see how it launches from there right Paul. A hot topic, of course, is sticking with the IRS.

Here on our dedicated drag car, something a lot of people didn’t necessarily agree with, but we made it a lot stronger thanks to the Full Tilt, boogie kit, we have the diff cover brace along their end links and, of course, the bushing kit, which is very important. Tell these guys at home! Why, right? You know the car comes from the factory, the rubber bushing. That has a lot of deflection. That’S why you always see that want that wheel, hop by getting rid of the rubber and going with a solid Delrin, bushing you’re, going to avoid all that wheel, hop and hopefully avoid breaking an axle. That’S right wheel, hop is the enemy, so we’re going to avoid that. But even still we do have stronger half shafts in the car. Now we upgraded to the driveshaft shops level, five half shafts, which are now in the car and keeping going with the strengthening up of our driveline.

We also upgraded our input shaft to the 26 spline, and because of that, we had to upgrade our clutch. Also, the McCloud twin disc, so this thing should be ready to boogie man. The Mickey T’s we’ve got to do some hard launches and be one of those your fingers cross up. All the car certainly sounded angry man, 733 561, just about what you’re expecting it has crazy power for about fifteen and a half thousand boos comes on strong. What 4500 rpm is like a freight train. I guess yeah at that point. The car just wheels have pulled so hard all the way right to redline very nice.

Now you’re talking to me a little bit just earlier about your thinking, the maps close to being pegged here right, yeah right around six to eight hundred rpms. What happens is the PCM can no longer register how much air is going into the motor? Thus, it can’t put in a necessary fuel and it runs late. So how do we remedy that moving forward, then? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead, increase the size of the piping, where the mass air is all the way up to the throttle body cool man. Now this is all trial and error stuff right with this bro charger, I mean procharged. It gives us the kit we pretty much have to do the rest as far as a piping is concerned, and we thought we had the right size dialed in, but guess not that’s correct. All we can do is sort of estimate how much airflow we’re going to go based on the how horsepower we’re going to make like you saw it’s trial and error and we’ll get it fixed. Let’S get down to business man.

What do we thinking this thing’s gon na do when I get down to the track with the power the car is making it’s all going to be in the launch, especially with the 373 gear in the car? Alright we’re getting ready to shake down the Bama Terminator for the first time after its new power. Let’S see how does I don’t know, but the clearance is, you know a little tight with the slick and the the rear bumper. So we don’t know if it dug in a little bit. I guess we just have to. We can see with that, but it’s definitely the car hauls the mail. How do try it just turns on once boost comes in right with that about that blower I mean it comes in hard and it it’s got a lot more left, that’s for sure, oh yeah, just shaking it down better 1101 29. There you go well we’re still working out some of the kinks, but that’s to be expected right.

Fellas, absolutely I mean yes still getting the launch down it’s starting to come out of the hole slightly better, but not not great. Oh, I think we need a little bit more gear right, buddy yeah – maybe I only 410 or 430 to help with the blog out in the hole with that supercharger, but huge improvements. The days not done serious, left alright boys so 1070 at 1:30, not a bad. First time out right, not bad at all. We knew we’re going to have to come here. Shake the car down a little bit, learn what was going on with it, and we did exactly that. I think we’re going to take it back to the shop I’ll put a 410 or 430 gear in this thing, so we can get out of hold into the power BAM.

That’S right! Yeah, you know, we went 990 is the first time out. We’D have no more articles for you guys, and we know you don’t want that. We’Re gon na bring you more with more boost and probably more gear like Paul said, but the meantime share. If you want to see more from this machine here, you’re not gon na want to miss the next step for sure and for all things. Mustang keep it right here.

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