2018 Roush Mustang Cold Air Intake Review And Dyno


2018 Roush Mustang Cold Air Intake Review and Dyno

2018 roush mustang, Hey guys today were going to be taking a look at and installing the Roush cold air intake for the 2018 GT Mustang. This intake is a no tune required intake. It has a larger airbox on it and it’s enclosed air box as well maintains the cold air feed from the grill of the car, and it has a dry, reusable air filter in it. Now, because this is a larger, enclosed air box, you will need to either eliminate your engine cover or a Roush gives you a template just so you can cut it and still fit with this larger air box. The intake cost about 400 dollars and it’s very easy to install. This is a no tune required intake like I said, but we wanted to show you guys the full power potential behind the intake, so we did pair the intake with a tune and we ran it on the dyno, and here are those numbers now. So our stock dyno run with our manual 2018 GT, gave us numbers of 442 horsepower and 397 foot-pounds of torque.

2018 Ford Mustang Fastback with 729 HP by Roush Performance - YouTube

After we installed the Roush cold air intake and paired it with a tune. We saw numbers up, 474 horsepower and 416 foot-pounds of torque. That makes for a peak gain of 32 horsepower and 19 foot-pounds of torque. The curb gains were even more impressive, though we saw curve gains of 36 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 30 foot-pounds of torque, both at 2,600 rpm and 6,500 rpm, alright, guys to start the install, we actually need to remove our strut tower brace just so. We couldn’t remove our engine cover in order to remove the strut tower brace. We will need to take this little plastic holder right here. That’S on the battery cable pry up on that, then won’t be able to get to the two 15 millimeter bolts that are on either side all right.

So you can do this without removing your battery cover or disconnecting your battery, but it may make it a little bit easier. Like I said, I’m gon na go ahead and just lift this off without doing any of that. Next, we’re going to remove the engine cover in order to do that. You’Ll need a little flat-head screwdriver just so you can pry up on these covers here. We only have one as you guys can see. You’Ll have to you’ll have one here, one over there and then you’ll need a ten millimeter socket to remove the nuts that are holding the engine cover in place. I will say that I’ll remove the nut, but leave it inside the cover and then I’ll pop the cover off with a nut inside , all right and at this point we’ll be able to lift the engine cover off.

So at this point, we’re gon na loosen the clamp at the throttle body that is a seven millimeter . Now we’re gon na do all of the connections on our intake tube here. So the way this works is you’re actually going to push down on this flat piece right here. The clip will release and you will be able to pull the line off all right now. We’Re gon na move around to the back side right here. This connections a little bit different if you reach around you’ll, be able to feel that there’s a little tab on this push that tab in and then the tube will release. As far as your sound tube goes, you’ll need a pair of pliers for that grab.

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A pair of pliers squeeze that clamp now we’re gon na disconnect the mass air flow sensor. There is a little red tab underneath that’s a locking tab. You’Ll need to grab that little tab, pull it out and now you’ll be able to disconnect the sensor. Once you disconnect the mass air flow sensor, you’ll have to remove it from the air box right here. Just make sure you pull out the plastic clip before you remove the air box. The last thing we’re gon na do is remove the 10 millimeter bolt. That’S holding the air box in place.

I like to remove the air box as one big piece. You don’t necessarily have to break it down in order to remove it. So I’m gon na pull out this 10 millimeter bolt and then I will lift out the entire intake, . So on the table we have the stock intake and the Roush aftermarket cold air intake. One of the main differences between the stock intake and your Roush intake is actually going to be your airbox. You guys can see the airbox is much larger, it’s also enclosed, so it has a lid on it and it maintains the direct cold air feed from the grille of the car. It’S a really nice feature.

So basically, what this is supposed to do is it supposed to completely surround your air filter with cool air from outside of the engine bay? At all times you have a lid here, that’s going to keep the air box sealed and the lid does have a little plexiglass viewfinder just so you can check on your air filter and make sure it’s not too dirty. Speaking of the air filter, the air filter is a dry, reusable air filter with two layers of wire mesh moving on from the air filter, you have your intake tube. This is the Roush intake tube here, it’s great because it maintains the stock style connections on both sides. It does require you to eliminate your sound tube, but Roush gives you a plug, so you can plug the firewall. The other really nice thing about this is that Roush includes stock style, couplers and clamps. So you guys can see your couplers are already on here. You don’t have to worry about fitting or fiddling with aftermarket couplers or clamps everything just stays in place.

You literally just slide this in place and tighten down your clamps with all that being said, let’s move on and get this thing in the car alright. So there are a couple things we’ll have to transfer over from the stock airbox to the Roush airbox. So there are three things we’ll need to transfer over this rubber grommet right here for this grommet with the metal insert in it, as well as a small grommet on the bottom, so we’re gon na go ahead. Grab this off of our stock airbox we’re gon na transfer that over to the Roush airbox right here, then we have to grab this as well. So there’s a little metal insert in here pushing up on the metal insert pulling that out and then I will work. The grommet out, I’m gon na transfer that over to this location right here on the Roush airbox, so I’ll work, my grommet into place and then insert the puddle. Lastly, on the bottom of the stock, airbox there’s a little rubber, grommet right here, I’ll pull that out.

Stick it on the bottom of the Roush airbox right here now we’re gon na take the Roush air feed and attach it to the box we’re just gon na line everything up. One of the other things we have to do is transfer over the mass airflow sensor from our stock intake over to the Roush intake. So this is 80/20, so we’re going to go ahead and unbolt that we’re gon na save our stock hardware to grab the mass airflow sensor all right next, we’re gon na grab our Roush piece. Our mass airflow sensor. Housing is right here now, keep in mind that this is a no tune required intake, so it actually has an insert in the housing right here. So if your mass airflow sensor doesn’t slide right in just make sure you have your housing lined up, because there are two pieces right here, so you’ll need to make sure your two pieces are lined up and that the inside piece is seated all the way. So you can fit the mass airflow sensor in the other thing.

Is the mass airflow sensor only installs one way you have this installed the incorrect way your bolt holes won’t line up so just get it install the correct way. Use your stock hardware to get this bolted down at this point, we’re ready to head back over to the car and get the airbox installed all right, so we’re gon na slide the airbox into place. I’M going to make sure that this portion is willing up all right, so the Roush airbox will click into place and then we’re going to take our stock 10 millimeter bolt and use that to bolt this down. Next, we’re in install the air filter onto the mass airflow housing, so one thing to be aware of is Roush gives you an arrow at the bottom of their filter here. So you guys can see this arrow pointing down. You want to make sure that when you install this, your mass airflow sensors on the correct side, so your mass airflow sensor needs to be on this side right here and we’re going to install the filter with the arrow, pointing down at a 90 degree angle. In relation to the sensor, so do it like this? Okay, I’m checking to make sure that the arrow on the front of the roush filter is, at a 90 degree angle to the center right here, which it is okay.

At this point, I am going to slide this through and into the filter housing. So rauch gives you two ten millimeter bolts to bolt your air filter into the housing and we’re gon na go ahead, grab those bolt and then tighten this down all right. These are the two bolt holes that Roush gives you to hold the filter into the housing, so we’re gon na go ahead. Grab our ten millimeter bolts get them started. I am just gon na start these for right now, I’m not gon na tighten them down. I’M gon na wait until I get the rest of the cold air intake in place just so. I have some movement here once again.

I am making sure that my mass airflow sensor is only correct side here. At this point, I’m going to grab the rest of the Roush intake, slide it over the throttle body and then on to the filter. You guys might have to loosen your clamps in order to get this installed. Alright, then, once everything’s fully seated and flushed just rotate. Your clamps around till they’re, in a good spot, so you can tighten we’re gon na go ahead, switch over to a ten millimeter and tighten these bolts here. So now we’re gon na make the connections on the intake tube, so we’ll go ahead and just clip these into place same thing with this one we’ll just slide it into place and no click into place. Now we’re gon na plug in our mass airflow sensor.

One thing I will say about this is that it is clipped into the body at multiple points along here. So if you need extra room or more furnace, just unclip it, so we are going to plug our mass airflow sensor back in and make sure we hit the red tab. Now we’re gon na install the cover to the air box. Ralph gives you the hardware for this, and these are t25, so go ahead. Lay the air box cover in place hey these are self-tapping screws, so just be aware of that, and because these are self tapping screws and the holes aren’t perfectly lined up. That’S why you see me skipping around here. I want to make sure that I don’t go from one side to the other and have this side not lined up so with the covered air box on the 2018 Mustang and the new engine cover on the 2018 Mustang.

At this point you have two options: one! You can either use the provided template that Roush gives you and cut the corner off your engine cover, or you can do like we’re. Gon na do and up not to put the engine cover back on, because it’s not gon na fit with this airbox. So we’re gon na go ahead and grab our strut tower brace and get that in place. It definitely does make it easier to remove this battery cable. You guys don’t necessarily have to like I said so. We’Re gon na go ahead. Grab our 15 millimeter nuts and tighten these back down alright guys, that’s gon na wrap up this review and install keep in mind that you can always check the roush cold air intake out more online right here.

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