2018 Mustang Roush Gets Full Roush Exterior Conversion


2018 Mustang Roush Gets Full Roush Exterior Conversion

2018 mustang roush, 2018 GT in the shop with us. Now, this customer loves the Roush Mustang look, so we’re going to do a couple of exterior modifications to their car and give this GT more than that Roush look. After all that though, we really decided we couldn’t leave the car seated like it at horseback riding height, so we’ll add another part or two just to let it sit a little better and give it some handling performance. Before we get it too far, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, American Muscle Videos, if you haven’t done it already. Now, with that out of the way, let’s go ahead and get some parts of Roush. So, the first step that we’ll take with the GT is actually swapping heat extraction into the lane. We will be replacing the stock heat extractor with this set of Roush Heat Extractors.

2018 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang

Now, this not only adds a small, subtle exterior they change by themselves, but they pair really nicely with other parts in front of the Roche end, which we’ll show you guys here in a minute. These are also functional, so not only do you get a design change, but you get a functional piece with this heat extraction. They have a rear facing way hatches that may allow heat to escape faster than under the hood, so they will help lower the underhood level temps. And they come with that glossy black finish, but they’re easy to paint once you’ve done all of the heat extracts in the hood, we’ll head over to a lower grid. So this is the low flow grille that Roush offers for its 2018 Mustang. Not only does this improve the design and display a very big change in the overall looks and appearance of 2018, but it also improves the airflow.

Of course, this looks a lot like the Factory Style look to her, and that’s thanks to Roche. So I called the post plant Roche factory. And while the parts can be a bit tricky and time-consuming to install, the end result is something that fits really nicely and looks just like that belongs in the car. So this lower grille works better when paired with a few other Roush parts like the Roush chin spoiler and wheel shroud that we also installed in this car. So, looking at the chin spoiler and wheel set shroud, this is another part that introduces a very significant change in the overall appearance and looks, but it is also functional at the same time. It’s all about the aerodynamics and the improvement in airflow under and around the car. So you have more than just a chin spoiler here, you’re looking at a bunch of other pieces like sidecar cans.

You have their phone inserts, support brackets, clips, and a ton of hardware that go with this thing. This is a bit more than just a 3M stick chin spoiler, but with these two things taken care of, we have a lot more work I do in the front end here, so let’s go with that. So, I don’t know how to explain it other than there is so much space for activities at the end of 2018 that we decided to add another part Roush in advance. We just finished installing the Roche Pockets front-end corner here. So these sit in your front fascia, underneath your turn signal and your fog light. And they make a difference in appearance on their own, but when paired with the other Roush parts that we’ve already installed, they’re kind of like a finishing touch. But speaking of finishing touches, Joe and I have another little thing to do in advance here.

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So we added a subtle beam of highlights to all the lights all the way around the car just to tie everything together and act as the finishing touch. Now, the cool thing about this set is that you’ll get a darker look and a darker look that still allows 80% of the light to shine through, so you aren’t completely blocking anything from your lights. With all the dye, we’re going to go to the front, spin the car around and start working on the back. So the rear diffuser was another area we noticed that we could add a touch of Roush design to. What we have done here is that we have installed a Roche back curtain aero foil kit. And these are little bits, but once installed, you see, they really do make a big difference to the overall look of the factory rear diffuser. And like everything else we’ve installed in this car, these parts also work.

They separately direct airflow and help with downforce. But now that the car has looked at the part, it was time for a small handling upgrade. So, as I said earlier after installing all of these Roush parts, we couldn’t just let the car sit on the springs, shocks, and struts at the height of ride-on stocks, so right now, we’re installing a set of Pedders Extreme Coilovers and Campbed Pedders adjustable plates on this car. So this group is actually really comprehensive and it’s a great group. Not only do you adjust the flight height, but you also have the ability to adjust pressure and recoil. As far as ride height goes, you can have a car sitting anywhere from stock ride height to two and a half inches lower, and have 30 positions of adjustment to both pressure and recoil. This means you can tune this coilover kit to handle the performance you need outside of the vehicle.

And you can also set the ride quality. This coilover kit reminds me of a lot of other parts that we have already installed in this car. Not only will it make the car look better, but you’ll get loads of handling performance and a ton of functionality with the kit. You will look better because you are sitting lower, but you get handling performance and functionality from all the mods that set offers. And because we are planning to cut a good quantity car, we also install Pedders for camber plates too, just to help us get our alignment again within the specifications. So everything with adjustable wheel and cam panels are your only stock parts a lot of modification in. When you plan to cut your car well a quantity, and you want to pick up a set of adjustable wheel camber plates, you can get your alignment back within the specifications.

Our blacksmith adjustable booster panels that we installed in the front will work taking care of all of this for us. Well guys. So we’re done with installing our coilover. What we’re going to do is get wheels on the car, get the car on the ground, and then determine our height. What I would recommend to you guys is just take out your car, drive a little, and then start to know your compression and recovery settings. There are a lot of settings and everyone is different, so you just have to pay attention and see where you prefer the settings. So we just finished installing the finishing touches for this build and this will become a set of black Rovos 20 inch wheels.

This will wrap up the construction of Little Roche. Among the heat extractors, the lower grille, the chin spoiler, the tint, the corner pockets, the rear curtain, the coilovers, and the camber panels, not only does this car look a lot different, but it also has a lot of handling performance as well. You guys can check out all these parts more online. And be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. And for all things Mustang, keep it right here.

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