2017 Roush Mustang Phase 1 To Phase 2 Supercharger Upgrade Kit Review


2017 Roush Mustang Phase 1 to Phase 2 Supercharger Upgrade Kit Review

2017 roush mustang, The Roush phase 1 to phase 2 upgrade kit to the very simple kit right, there’s only four major components at play here: the price for the phase 2 upgrades going to cost you right around a thousand bucks and it’s going to get a simple two out of Three wrenches on the difficulty meter. So who is this thing going to be for? Well, that’s an easy one right: anybody that wants to take their Roush tvx phase 1 kit to the next level and make more power using some more boost along with accounting.

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For some more fueling and a new tune, thanks to the included voucher, more specifically guys, this is going to take your 675 45 phase 1 kit to 727 6 10 at the crank, which is a nice little increase in power. Well, let’s break down what the phase 2 upgrade kit really is all about and at its core it’s got a very simple goal: increasing the boost overall, which will of course increase your power in the process. Now, obviously, that’s a big oversimplification here, but that’s what you can expect in a nutshell, with the phase 2 upgrade. So how do you increase the boost with your t, vs blower, easy. You change out the larger 85 millimeter pulley included with the phase 1 kit in favor of the smaller 80 millimeter pulley included, with the phase 2 upgrade now.

This is going to effectively raise your boost from 8 or so pounds with that larger pulley to about 10 or so pounds using the 80 millimeter option here, and I say roughly because there are a couple of factors at play that will change your final boost numbers Ever so slightly and I’m talking long tube, headers and even the calibration can play a small role in changing those boost numbers again, very, very slightly guys. Now the nice thing about these pulley changes with the T, vs they’re, very easy straight up bolt on job here and the best part is you don’t even have to change the belt out with this pulley swap and for those who know and for those who don’t Know you can’t just add more boost without addressing other key needs, with your car fuel being a biggie here with this particular application.

So, in order to make the injectors included with the phase one kit work, Roush does include their digital plug-and-play fuel pump, controller, otherwise known as a pump booster or maybe even a booster pump, with their phase 2 upgrade. Now these things are collection, doing a bigger power build because what it’s going to do is use your fuel pump. That’S actually in the tank, already your factory pump and just boost and stabilize the signal or the voltage increasing the flow capabilities in the process. So your factory fuel pump is actually capable of more than what it’s doing right now in factory form. It just needs a little help and that’s where the plug-and-play controller comes in a lot of times.

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People think you can just throw in a bigger set of injectors and go, but that’s not really the case. You need a strong source and that’s where the Roush controller comes in now. The really nice thing about the Roush plug-and-play controller is just that. It’S plug-and-play there’s! No need to mess with any wiring so for those owners who dread anything wiring related myself included. This is a nice little addition, because it’s simply just going to tap into the factory fuel pump wiring in the trunk of your s550. You have to make use of a ground there, but really that’s about it very straightforward for the installation. We’Ve talked about raising the boost here with the phase to upgrade.

We’Ve definitely talked about raising your fuel or increasing the fueling capabilities. Now, let’s talk spark and with the phase 2 upgrade Roush does toss in the NGK Iridium plugs. They are a one heat range colder plug than what you’re probably running right now at the phase. One kit – and these guys will just be instrumental in preventing any detonation that can sometimes come along with running more boost, higher cylinder pressures, more heat things like that now, just a heads up here guys plugs are already gaps in my Roush kit, but it’s never a Bad idea to check these things.

Oh point, nine millimeters is what you should be looking at for the gap according to Roush, so just be sure to double-check them, with your gap tool before installing them. Finally, and maybe most importantly, we have the calibration to kind of tie it all together now, majority of the time here with the Roush kit, even their supercharger kit, they don’t include a handheld tuning or flashing device. Instead, they give you this your little tuning voucher, that you will need to take to your dealer and have flashed using the J, 2534 interface tool and the Rd T or Roush diagnostic tool. Software, so don’t be disappointed when you crack open that box.

For the first time and see a piece of paper instead of a handheld tuning device, now, if you do decide to go to the Roush calibration or voucher, and you do take it to your dealer, more than likely they’ll probably charge you for about an hour’s worth Of labor here, roughly around 100 bucks, don’t take that as a gospel, different dealers, I’m sure, will rate that’s just kind of a ballpark estimate. Now you’re not obligated to go with the roust calibration. Of course, there are several different custom tuning options out there. Vmp is a biggie, of course, that we sell here at am and if you do decide to go the custom tuning route. Here’S a couple of things to consider. You will need a device such as the SCT x4, for instance, and if you do go custom more than likely you’re going to eliminate that three year, 36,000 mile warranty from Roush. So a couple of things to consider.

If you do decide to go the custom tuning route, switching gears, those briefly graze over the install guys – we’re not going step-by-step here instead we’re just going to give you a general overview of what to expect, and I did land this at a two out of three Wrenches on the difficulty meter as a collective here, not because each individual parts actually tough to install. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Just because there are a few parts to install and you do have to take care of that calibration either from Roush and your dealer or on the custom roof. So overall, two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter is what I’m sticking to here. Maybe a few hours from start to finish, excluding that calibration. As for that pulley well, we already covered that earlier. Guy is very simple to swap on the Roush TBS 2300, no specialty tools like a pulley removal tool or anything like that.

It’S just simply six bolts, slack the belt swap the pulley and retighten the belt there and you’re good to go the spark plugs here. On the other hand, well that’s pretty much wrenching 101 right guys. A 5/8 inch spark plug socket a little anti-seize for the new spark plugs going in and that one’s pretty much self-explanatory. Last but not least, that fuel pump booster again plug-and-play, making your install much easier. It’S going to end up in the trunk somewhere. You’Ve got to find a little home for it 3m tape. You can drill it into the actual spare tire.

Well, whatever the case, the physical installation is straightforward, plug it in and you’re good to go this one’s pretty simple. If you’ll want to take your t, vs 2300 blower from Roush to the next level, then you have to check out the phase to upgrade kit available here at here.

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