2016 Roush Mustang Supercharged Ford Mustang Gt


2016 Roush Mustang Supercharged Ford Mustang GT

2016 roush mustang, All right, and so you guys may already know, I’m a huge fan of boy cars in a first glance, I may think this is just another Mustang GCA, which of course, is an awesome car in itself. However, today courtesy of Bob Ruth bored in Dillsboro PA ed with me a very unique GT that they had customized my driving this one was certainly not one to forget. What’S up you guys go party here today in the 2016 Ford Mustang GT, so yeah this one’s special cuz.

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This splint is supercharged Roush stage 2 supercharger, and it’s going to put it at around six hundred seventy five horsepower and with the Ford Performance Exhaust, that’s going to put it at around seven hundred ish on it. Mustang GT, that’s ridiculous, but it’s awesome that sound is so sweet, so those numbers I just went over, I got to admit we’re actually slightly off. The first Roush makes a phase one and Phase two supercharger for the GT in the phase one according to their website. At least puts the GT at around 670 horsepower, which is a gain of over two hundred horsepower for around sixty nine hundred dollars, not bad right but, like I said, the GT I was driving here was equipped with the phase 2 supercharger, which is priced at seven Thousand five hundred fifty dollars and puts the GT at around seven hundred and twenty seven horsepower.

Then of course there’s the ford racing exhaust, which is priced at a little over $ 1,300 and adds around ten horsepower. So before we get back to the drive. Since I mentioned the exhaust check out this sale, you but yeah the modifications didn’t end there. The suspension was actually equipped by Ford Racing as well. This one’s also going to be lowered on lowering springs. It’S going to lower it around 1 to 1.5 inches in the front in the rear, so that’s definitely gon na help with that, better stance look like it’s also going to improve, handling and reduce body roll around the turns, as well all right to test out the Acceleration gon na do a quick little pull here, not too bad, though Oh, oh, my gosh, all right, yeah, the 700 horsepower feels absolutely ridiculous.

If you think about it, the car, the Mustang g/t itself does 0-60 or 4.4 seconds. I can only imagine what a Roush stage 2 supercharger can pull this off in. That was pretty soon. One last thing I wanted to mention about this one is: there is a Ford Racing ship hub, it’s not going to add any horsepower, but I prefer the brown shift knobs over the stock ones, at least that come with the Ford Mustang GT just feels better. Now maybe it’s just me overall, the Roush phase, 2 supercharger provided, without a doubt a very clear difference in power compared to the stock GT either way. The Mustang GT is truly a blast to drive, but with over 700 horsepower, this Drive was amplified and whether you’re an adrenaline, junkie or just enjoy driving insanely fast cars, either way.

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The rau supercharger adds substantial power to the GT, creating an absolute thrilling driving experience. Trust me that is it for this one, you guys thank you so much for reading be sure to LIKE the article and share i’ll see in the next one stay go you.

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