1966 Mustang Gt350 Georgian Bay Classics


1966 Mustang Gt350 Georgian Bay Classics

1966 mustang gt350, I’M here with that Mustang owner John coochie from the town of Blue Mountains and is gt350 Mustang John, it’s great to have you on the show. Thanks very much mark pleasure to be here. We have an absolutely spectacular, 1966 mustang, gt350 here John and would love for you to share with us your passion and tell us a bit about your car at least thanks very much mark. What can i say, i’ve owned a few different Mustangs in the past, and you know back in the 70s and 80s, and I always wanted one of these and I set my sights on getting one in 86 and after a hunt of about six months. I found this one and have been in love ever since it’s been just an amazing vehicle. I did a ground-up restoration on it in the late 80s and it’s been running like a clock since 1989 and I’ve been really enjoying it ever since the very special car. As you know, the Mustang versions, the the GT 350s started in nineteen sixty-five they made about 560 of them all in white.

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In 66, they evolved to four different colors. Given people wanted a greater variety and colors and their cars, they also modified a few other things. To make them a little less of a street-legal racecar and a little more comfortable for people to drive on normal roads anyway, this this is arguably, you know the best of both worlds. It’S still a purpose-built race car, but it’s got. You know if one or two more future phia creature comforts than the 65 s they built about twenty three hundred and seventy or eighty of these, a thousand of which went to hurt, says, rent erasers and the other. Thirteen hundred and seventy or so we’re Street versions and keep it says, John, can you show us some of the features of this car that are specific to the gt350 that are not in your standard Mustang of that vintage sure there isn’t that much in the interior. One of the things is the racing belts they were made by Ray Brown and they were competition, lap belts that these cars came with Carol.

Signature did not come with the car that came later, but there’s a special 9000 rpm tachometer that came with the car other than that. The interior is basically the same, as you know, a high-performance Mustang that would be delivered and the day most of the changes were either cosmetic or suspension related, and the engine of course was notified by shelby american. I just want to point out to our viewers a number of things about this car John. You can come up and just show us the logo here. The gt350 is indicating that this is a carroll shelby card built in san jose. California. Is that correct? John? That’S! Correct and then how many of these again were there built of the 366 of the street versions? I think it’s thirteen hundred and seventy or so of the non hurts versions of which about 300 were read.

Now I understand John, that they came with a stock 289. A small-block v-8, but because they’re a Shelby engine, they pushed the horsepower up well, over 300 horsepower on these cars yeah, specifically what they did was they changed the intake they put on a different carburetor than was stocked with the 271 horse k-code engine and they added Headers and those three things took it from 271, 2 306 horsepower in the standard gt350 configuration. This particular note this John. This is huge, this breather on this car yeah and that is not stock to the car of for you know Conqueror purposes. The owner of this car, the first owner, was quite the car enthusiast and he knew exactly what he wanted and so day one at the dealership in Springfield Missouri. He asked them to take off the intake, manifold and carburetor that came with the car and they added what was called a holley twin four-barrel dealer option and so that twin four-barrel Holly setup was added with the special intake and that special air cleaner. That added another 45 or so horsepower to the car.

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So John, you talked about the codes and for our viewers who are not Mustang people. There are our codes, there are K codes and then there’s an H code. Can you just help us with those codes and what they what they mean well in 1965 of the five hundred and sixty or so GT 350s that were made? I think 37 were our codes and those 37 were racing, purpose-built racing cars. They were made for the track, so they were more highly modified and were not street legal. As far as I’m aware and the the others were the S or straight versions. In 66, they made the Hertz models: the 350 H. They made the street versions which this is and those those are, the codes that were used not to be confused with the K code engine, which was the 289 high-performance engine that the gt350 was based on John.

I noticed with this engine that you’ve really really been detail oriented with the rebuild of this engine. I look at things like the clamps. You have the correct clamps on it. You’Ve got the correct paint color on the block. You’Ve got the valve covers that. Are the Cobra valve covers? Can you just tell us a little bit about? Why was it that you were so specific about being detailed oriented when you did this restoration, I like to keep the cars original as possible? There have been some modifications to the car, as I said the owner day, one change the intake and carburetors, but other than that the engine bay is pretty much as it was. This bar called the Monte Carlo bar in the stock version of the cart, is straight to provide additional structural rigidity, but with that big air cleaner that has to accommodate the twin four-barrel set up, you can’t have a straight bar, so it you know it’s a compromise, But yeah this is the correct air.

Cleaner cover, it’s the correct valve covers you know, correct paint, color everything, I’ve tried to you know, emulate and restore is to the original factory condition. This is actually a washer bag. Is that’s actually the original factory Roscher bag? You can still see the faded Ford emblem on it so where, where it was still original and in good shape and functional, I left it where it wasn’t so much. I i restored her got new parts that were we’re stock original parts. Can you talk about these back window strong sure, because I know that they are specific to this year as well? They are, and it was just what they decided to do with this. This production year of GT 350. They cut out this area from the stock fastbacks that they got from Ford and they put in these Plexiglas windows.

So these are plexi, then they’re, not glass, no they’re flexible and look at the size of that back window as well. Yeah incredible ya know it gives you some pretty good visibility. Actually, the looks to me like the back seat folds down. Does it does to give you more room in the back at the end? Yes, full down back seat. You can use for additional luggage space apart from that, the only other option on the car was the am radio and AM radio that was an option yeah now I I don’t know about you, but I look at the back of this car and I go. It looks like of 65 or 66 Mustang, but there are certain features that automatically give it away as a GT. 350 could just show us those please yeah to specifically one is the gas cap, and this was specific to the car and the gt350 badge on the rear, valance that was put onto these cars as well and for our viewers.

This light started in 64 and a half was the first year of the ford mustang, and this light went through 64 and a half 65 and 66, and that was the last year. Then then they changed the design all together for the next model of mustang, which we’ll talk about at some point. I think for our viewers. If you go down nice and low other than your lovely plate and people ask you is this: is 66 Shelby hello? Yes, it is there’s an absence of the exhaust system here, true, and why is that John? Well, it’s basically because I chose to make it that way in 65, that was a stock item, not in stainless steel. It was a side exiting exhaust, along with the expanded, color choices in 66, they went to a rear exiting exhaust, because a lot of people thought these cars were too loud. When I got the car it had the rear exiting exhaust. I just happened to like the 65 style.

It’S bolt on bolt off so no harm. I can change it back to stock any time I want those are the GT wheels. I believe on that vintage. Can you talk about those yeah? They tense, they’re called tense. Folks, they’re aluminum, they are the original to this year. There’S they made different variations over the years that were reproductions, but these are originals that the owner added to the car after he took delivery. When they were delivered, they had just stock steel wheels because they were essentially street-legal race cars and they knew people would either just leave them that way or they would put on their own specialized wheels.

But they did offer these as an option and those are the original reels. The first owner by John you’ve, given us an opportunity to look at the outside of the body. We’Ve had a look at the engine. We’Ve walked around the back. Let’S spend some time on the interior and I’d love to go for a ride, terrific. Let’S do it just like the day it was manufactured so John, just before you start the car up. Could you just point out a couple of features you mentioned earlier about? Our AM radio as a stock item in this vehicle.

Yep stock item original radio still works. That was one of the few options you could get on the car. As I mentioned, the 9000 rpm tachometer came standard with the gt3. It was at the normal location for the gt350. Yes tell us about this beautiful wood grain steering wheel. This is actually not specific to the Shelby vehicle. This is the same simulated wood yep wheel that you could get with the Mustangers of the day.

The steering wheel cap in the center is obviously unique to the card. Says gt350. The hurst shifter you mentioned earlier when we were chatting off-camera that they originally came with a little black ball but showed the previous owner chose to put in the hurst shifter. I mean it’s got a nice feel good grip to it. It really does and again the the original owner who had it from day, one in June 66 through 71. He was quite the car enthusiast when I talked to him in the late 80s. He regaled me with lots of fun stories of the car, including having recent some ice.

Scca events. Well we’re not going to be like these John we’re not going to do that today, but we are going to go for a ride. Let’S start it up great will do now. It’S gon na be a little hard for us to hear over that exhaust you’re not running perfectly straight pipes. Are you from the header, no they’re glass packs, which is what the standard that was for the 60 and then have you got an electric fuel pump driving those carburetors are all the manual fuel pump. Mechanical fuel pump same one that the car came and how many miles per gallon on this. I don’t think I don’t think we really want to know.

Do we, you know if you have a light foot, dr it 800 kilometers, you can get 50 miles to the gallon out of it. It goes down quickly from there. I love this. I love the sound John. I think it’s time we buckle up and we’re all set to go and a couple more features, we’d like to share with our audience about this car. I mentioned that the car was built in San Jose California, the Carroll Shelby factory John. Could you just point out the labels that this car has yeah? One of the things that was unique to the car is right on the sill plate here so Shelby American Inc, Los Angeles, California, that designates the the manufacturer.

They had a plant raid on the LAX grounds. The other thing we needed to talk about is these brake cooling ducts. These are fiberglass ducts that were unique to this car and they’re attached to a flex hose that comes out into the rear wheel wells on both sides to assist with high speed, big brake cooling, and then there was something else you wanted to share with us. With that front hood yeah the front hood on these cars was a fiberglass depending upon the time of year and 65 or 66. They were either all fiberglass or fiberglass. With steel reinforcements like this, one is and the very late models. I think they went to an all steel hood with the scoop attached, so there were variations along the production line, but this one’s fiberglass steel, reinforced.

John, your knowledge, your passion for classic cars, particularly Ford Mustangs, is very self evident. Today, 29 years, you’ve had this car 29 years and all those years of restoring it. We went for a fabulous ride today. I just want to say thank you for sharing your passion with us today. Thanks my pleasure yeah, it was great you.

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